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I am sorry for the silence. My current world is loud and exciting! I am at Allume. A wonderful, heart-filling blogging/writing conference and …wow. No disappointments so far people!!

I am learning plenty of amazing things and my prayer is that I will glean all the good stuff and then put it into practice, I don’t want to lose one thing that God is planting in my heart.

However, it has been a wee bit difficult to get away and actually write! The wifi is a little sketchy and it has been fun to talk and chat and learn and eat with the wonderful people here – I think I have found a few soul sisters that I am ever so thankful for!

I have so much to share with you but it will have to wait a little while I process it all! The speaker at lunch talked about desire – it – it felt like she had been listening in on the conversations that my husband and I have been having while I’ve been preparing this series!

Desire is such an important piece of this whole disappointment thing. Remember how I said with out the desire we wouldn’t have the disappointment!

Our desires, whether they are kingdom focused, a gift from the Father or a result of our own fleshly wants can become completely all-consuming entities. Think of the last time you were really exhausted, or so hungry you could gnaw your own arm off. All you can think about is sleep or food, all your energy is focused in that one direction and all else falls to the wayside.

We need to check the source before that desire becomes all-consuming. As Amber Haines spoke to us today she reminded us that all Godly desires point toward His character, they show off some amazing aspect of our great, good God. Those desires will be pointed toward the kingdom. Imagine an all-consuming desire for God Himself.

I am not sure I even know what that looks like but it fans a flame inside of me to even write these words. What if my desire, your desire, was solely and only pointed toward Him? Would disappointment disappear?

We are human and our wants and desires probably aren’t all that pure and can get twisted and distorted. We must run back to Him when we see that happening. Let the truth of Scripture resonate through our hearts and bring us back into alignment.

One of my favourite verses (and sometimes one of the scariest) is this one, 1 John 3:20 If our hearts condemn us, we know that God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything.” He knows it. He knows my motives better than I do. He knows my wants and my desires. AND, He is greater than that.

We’re going to talk a little more next weeek about that “if our hearts condemn us ” part – that’s where shame likes to weasle in!

For now, dear one. Know that you are loved. Thank you for sticking with me thus far!

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