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Into the Word (1)

My girl told me I did a really bad job of posting from my phone on Monday. I must confess I proofread nothing!  Just hit publish and called it good.

I am less ‘not myself’ today so there should be less weirdness. ..I hope!

We are still sitting in Winnipeg waiting for things to happen.

Since it is Wednesday I want to take you to the Word. I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of God through his body. The scripture that says we are many but one has been true through this experience.  We have  people praying for us around the globe. It is humbling to be in such a well loved place.

We have physically felt how gratitude has lifted the burden of the situation and allowed trust to be our foundation. There are plenty of obstacles ahead but we are confident that God had all this under control. His timing is better than ours. Our past experience has shown us that hurry is never a good thing so we accept this time out as his gift.

Things we are thankful for :

  1. Gentle,  compassionate nursing staff.
  2. The catheter is out.
  3. Body parts beginning to function the way they should.
  4. Getting hair washed.
  5. Beautiful snow fall bringing warmer temperatures.
  6. Healthy snacks from Kelly’s sister.
  7. 1/2 price pasta night.
  8. Comfortable clothes.
  9. People working behind the scenes on our behalf.
  10. The prayers of so many.
  11. One Hope Canada has been so kind to us.
  12. We are having barbecue for supper.
  13. Family.
  14. Josiah’s friends,  what a great bunch of people he is hanging out with.
  15. The school staff – he couldn’t be in better hands. We highly recommend Encounter School of Discipleship.
  16. Sleeping well in an unfamiliar bed.
  17. The proximity of our ‘suite’ and our family to the hospital.
  18. An understanding workplace.
  19. Good friends all over the place.

Being thankful positions is to continually receive. We are on the look out for God’s hand all along the journey watching for the next gift. Rather than anxiety we are experiencing joy and peace in the midst of this trial.

Psalm 50:23 “Those who sacrifice thank offerings honor me and to the blameless I will show my salvation. “

We want to see his salvation so we will continue to give thanks.  There are still things that aren’t where we would like them to be and we would so appreciate continued prayer for the following:

  1. For Josiah to gain strength.
  2. The trip home is still a mystery without a date or a way to pay for it.
  3. The school is trying to figure out how he can still participate.
  4. Continuing care once we are back in Saskatchewan.