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Emily P. Freeman over at Chatting at the Sky has been sharing what she’s learned every month and invited her readers to do the same.  You can link up over HERE if you’re so inclined.

**Warning: This is rather random, well at least some of it is!

1. I’m not a big fan of summer.  There, I said it out loud please don’t hurt me.  Nothing slows down in my world for summer, there is more work and then you add heat and bugs to that.  Plus, I actually have to make lunch every day.  I like fall.  Fall is crisp air, schedules and routines, my boot collection coming out, sweaters and a great reason to sit by the fire.

2. I LOVE the thrill of thrift store shopping!!  Okay, maybe this isn’t something I just learned but I just experienced it again yesterday when I took 4 boys shopping for clothes because they all needed t-shirts and shorts and swim trunks for summer…did all that AND found the sweetest pink and purple rug for my little girl’s room for $125!  Oh yeah…while wearing a complete thrifted outfit! 🙂

3. You should not wear a skirt with a faulty zipper when shopping.  There were a few moments of panic in a particular dressing room….it finally worked.

4. A really big gym with a shiny floor will make my son smile! 🙂

5. Buying an above ground pool (also second hand) was the best investment EVER!!  the kids have been in it non-stop since we bought it!

6. Chocolate Mocha Creme cups are something that you won’t want to share – thank you Griffin Take-Away!

7. I am going to learn (tomorrow) how to make a watermelon cake for my son’s 17th birthday (pictures to follow – I promise).

8. There’s some rap music I actually like – thank you Ti-REal and team for performing in our garage!


That’s all I can think of right now…I’m sure there’s something with more depth but it’s Friday morning and school is officially done so…