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This morning did not start out so well. It was one of those mornings when if everyone had just done what I said, things would have gone so much better. As well, if all my peeps could simply become mind readers the mama might have not blown a gasket this morning.

I wasn’t so sure that I would be very good at loving God today but He said I was okay.

Today was about my kids. Providing what they needed so they can do what they do.

  • Finding fake eyelashes and hair nets for my dancers.
  • Shampoo and moisturizer for my son.
  • Convincing a picky 15 year old that there really are things of value in Value Village and getting him clothes that he would wear outside the house!
  • Taking a small girl to her violin lesson.
  • Taking a big boy to his Urban Running class.
  • Getting apple pies and Shamrock shakes at McDonald’s
  • Letting a little girl buy a whole outfit that she picked out and paid for herself
  • Helping a big girl decide which clothes fit in her budget and then rejoicing with her when she found an extra $20
  • Looking through too many ‘intimate’ racks to find the right kind of ‘intimate’ to go under a dance costume
  • Not completely losing it on my overly loud and obnoxious boy who was maybe just happy to see me after a few weeks apart
  • Letting the learning driver drive for as long as he felt comfortable
  • Finding the right part to fix the auger

These are the pieces that today was made of. Nothing really profound and yet it was.

It involved me trusting God enough to lay out my cash when I know there isn’t any to spare. Rejoicing that my son is growing and healthy rather than freaking out at him that I don’t have money to buy new clothes. Our son isn’t currently living at home, he is in a boarding situation in the city so I don’t see how the clothes situation is shaping up on a daily basis as I do with the kids at home. So when I saw him today, the first thing he did was inform me that he had no clothes and his friend confirmed it. This information sent icy fingers of fear around my heart because there is not money in the budget to shell out for the kind of clothing that this boy wants. He has very expensive taste and is usually quite obstinate in his wishes. He is excessively defiant and uncooperative when it comes to shopping. In short I was facing a nightmare.

I laid it at the cross and laid it down for the boy. Unless he wanted to run around naked, we would be shopping second hand FIRST. He had to promise to be open minded about what he tried on and willing to let me help look.  While I took his little sister to the bathroom he gave his usual cursory glance through the racks and informed me when I returned that there was nothing here. I prayed and informed him that I would do the looking!

God honored my weary, fearful, heartfelt prayer and we found all his favorite brands (Billabong, Hollister, Levis, Husky Athletics, etc.) and even got 30% off the pile. I bought him a completely new wardrobe, 8 shirts, 7 bottoms, underwear and socks (the undies and socks were from Target – I go new for those!!) for less than $150. That is grace my friends!That, I believe is a gift from God. I am trusting that He will provide the difference in the budget for what I was not planning to spend today! He loved me first so I could love my son today and learn to trust Him more.

And we even laughed and smiled a little in the process!

That’s my story. What’s yours? Where has God asked you to step out in faith and then He just moved in and blessed you?

I am heading out with some youth for the weekend so if you don’t hear from me until Monday it is because I couldn’t find Wifi!!