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Good morning!!

robin on the sand

Little bird ready to fly

It’s another day in my crazy world and I’ve been all over the internet and phone lines already this morning and it’s only 10 AM!

I’ve been talking about discipline this week. Something I am not terribly great at but the Lord and I are walking this road grace-fully together.

Next week we start our new school regime and I am more than a little jittery about it.

Before we get to starting that week we transition my second oldest son (the one with all the labels) into a boarding situation. When asked what he felt school should look like for him this year (we give them input as teenagers) he came back to us with this, “I would really like to be in the same school as my best friend.” That may sound simple on the surface but not so much when you realize that means a different location (2 hours away), a place to do room and board, jumping through all the social services hoops, money issues and the mama emotional issues of letting her little bird fly. So we prayed and started working on it…and God opened some doors.

Once we get him all settled in we start all kinds of newness here. All five of the other kids are going to stay home. My eldest waffled on that one for awhile but then decided that home would be his best choice. He is in grade 12….that would be graduating and everything! Where has the time gone?

We are doing a whole different thing than we’ve ever done before. We have enrolled in a cyber school. Which, for me, meant not having to try and choose curriculum. Yay! However, I don’t have a clue how the whole thing will work and can’t get a schedule set up. Boo! They do all the marking and all that. Yay! I have to make sure they do all the assignments and account for their time. Boo!

I say Boo! to that bit because that’s where the discipline part comes in. I love free-flowing, spontaneous-ness! Can’t do that with grade 12 students! and not when you are expected to report in with your reading logs, art and phys ed times and all that. So I am going to learn how to be disciplined with my kids’ time and my own.


I opened an Etsy shop TheCrazyGraceStore and opened the store page here on the blog which means I need to be more disciplined with my time as well as trying to figure out the kids’ time.

Yes, discipline in the time zone is going to be in need of much grace as the crazy sets in next week.

Did I mention it is also harvest time so I have to juggle school schedule with harvest schedules cause two of those kids are combine/farm worker type people. Yikes!

How about you? Where are you working on discipline at this time of year. What do you do to make time management work for you?

psst…between all the phone calls, etc. it is now 11.37…just sayin’