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School starts tomorrow.

Huge breath in.  And out.

We are going back into the home-school realm and this is good. (Not my high-schoolers though – not this year!).

#1  One thing I learned this August is that I need to be true to who God created me to be. Even though there are things that aren’t going like I had dreamed they would…that isn’t an excuse to back out of my identity.

I am a teacher. I love to teach…pretty much anything! I’ve even taught kids to water-ski and I can’t do it myself…I got up once and, well, there were bad things that happened there and my body said, “No more of that thank you very much.”

I started out in University all ready to become a teacher but then I got to see the ugly underbelly of what would be required of me and I wasn’t ready to hand that over. Also, I had to do a paper comparing public, private and home education. I was hooked.

Home school is the perfect outlet for my teacherliness (Yes! I just made up a word!) Please pray for my physical self not to crash and burn!

#2 I am bad at confrontation.  I can do it. But I hate it. I am thankful for my husband who pushes helps me through those situations.

#3 Deep disappointments and deep desires tend to walk hand in hand. I am reading Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman and there is some very good, deep, soul-searching kind of stuff in those pages.  I am not quite done yet but my heart has been impacted.

Let this stand as my review of the book because I don’t know when I’ll get back into this space in the next couple of weeks. Simply Tuesday is a book for those of you wanting to get back in touch with your soul. Those of you who need a bench to sit down on so you can take a look around and remember what you wanted out of life.

Emily writes in a familiar and friendly way and says shocking, even painful things in a gentle, soothing way so that your heart can hear. What I’ve learned in August has a lot to do with having read this book this month. You can’t have my copy (provided by Baker Publishing Group) because I am going to be needing it and I have marked it up pretty well!

Simply Tuesday was supplied by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, it is available at your favourite bookseller.

#4 I am loving this meme that I found on Facebook, I don’t know the source or I would gladly give them credit!

dream memeI have downgraded plenty…wallowed in self-pity and excuses and I am pretty sure it is time for THAT party to end.

Faith Upgrade – yes please!!

#5 And the last thing I learned, thanks to another Emily, you can get home school curriculum online for Minecraft. Google Skrafty or Minecraft Homeschool Curriculum and there you go.  It is a family friendly server and is administrated by Christians I am pretty sure judging by the curriculum choices! My boys are SOOO excited to start school because of this.Actually they were pretty excited anyway but this ups the ante in a high percentage fashion. We will see where the chips fall with this one!!

#6 One more thing…I don’t think I can afford to start another series on Netflix. I get totally involved in the characters and they live in my head all the time and then I binge watch. It’s a terrible habit and I am done with it. Just thought you should know. Plus, I just don’t have time now that summer is over.

#7 and I started the 21 day fix…we shall see how this goes…I am determined to be smaller than I am now by the time Allume rolls around…which I am going to attend again btw…with totally new peeps because none of my peeps are going…

that is all