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I had a give-away last week that didn’t go quite the way I anticipated! Here’s what I know now:

1. Don’t plan a give-away over the week of American Thanksgiving…especially if a good chunk of your readers are American! They are far too busy enjoying family and turkey to read blogs!

2. Having a large family event, albeit unplanned, when you can’t promote the give-away because you aren’t home doesn’t work either! My husband’s 98 year old grandma passed on to glory and we took the weekend out to celebrate her life…I will be posting more about that lovely lady in the next week, there is much to be learned from her life!

So, I went to my facebook groups and let them know what was up, not a single entry in the give-away and they came through for me! Yay friends! Problem solved, not a very big problem I know – sheesh I was trying to give something away, it shouldn’t be hard!!

So my little thing didn’t go as planned…not really a big deal…but then there’s this:

Courtesy of Compassion, just one picture of the devastation!! Click on the photo to see more pictures at the Compassion website.

Not so long ago there was an oversized rain that washed out villages and took away lives and hope and smiles. The dear folks in the Philipines are still digging out and the re-building will take a LONG time.

Right now the Canadian government is matching donations from certain registered charities.

News agencies are reporting that Haiyan was three and a half times more powerful than Hurricane Katrina and upwards of 10,000 men, women and children are feared dead. (from Compassion’s website)

Compassion International is on the ground in the Philippines continuing the work that they’ve already begun. Please check out their page and see what you can do to bring smiles back to the faces of the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. CLICK HERE

Yes, the typhoon happened several weeks ago but the devastation is still there and they are still in need of our assistance. Please give generously!