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This is feeling particularly true right now!

This is feeling particularly true right now!

I am attempting to post from the hospital room of my eldest son 9 hours away from home. My heart is split in two as my next oldest has to deal with hard stuff and I am not able to be with both of them.

Josiah was having fun sledding with his school pals on crazy carpets. His veered of to the side and he stopped dead on a steel fence post that was just under the snow. They took him to the nearest hospital and then was sent by ambulance to Winnipeg’s trauma center.

My son is a man of few words and down plays things for his mama so his early texts did not cause me concern.

In fact I was not really concerned until the surgeon called me and started throwing words like “stoma” and”colostomy” around and phrases like air ambulance and long recovery.

When we realized that we needed to get there we started making arrangements. My thumb is stressed from texting!

We have so much to be thankful for.  Things like driving way further on the empty had tank light than we should have been able to. Things like a Starbucks side thru just when we wanted one. Things like strangers offering is their empty basement suite while we are here.

Then are are things that make us weak like finding out how much worse this could have been and we are humbled in gratitude. Major blood vessels clotted themselves.if that hadn’t happened he would have bled out. While the size of the damaged area is huge his important bits (rectum, colon and anal sphincter) were undamaged.

Meanwhile we are thankful that the restitution amount that our other soon is required to pay is a fraction of what we expected.

So many places to be grateful in the midst of this crisis.

On the home front our good friend is working on the reno so we can be here. Friends are driving our girl around.

On a frivolous note I am thankful for the clothes my husband bought me just before Christmas that allows me to be comfortable and look good while sitting on the bedside.

My own journey is going well. Running around the hospital should help me get my 5000 steps in!  The scale went down almost 5pounds since the start of the year and new habits are forming.

On a totally different topic my son Sam had started his own blog!  He is going to guest post for me here and I will give you the details of his new adventure.