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We live in a world of unfinished.

I love completed projects and yet feelings of satisfaction war with the sadness of saying goodbye to a project.

Every project is a process of blossoming ideas, the work of designing, creating and all the labor and love that it takes to complete. There are pieces of me in each one and when all the pieces are in, all the editing accomplished and it has been handed over to the recipient, a little of me goes with it.

This morning I struggled through my Bible study homework with the questions that suggested we take a hard look at what we invest our time, energy and money in. I had to wonder about my unfinished renovation, the work of renewal that needed to go into this house in order to make it structurally sound. What about the quilts I make and hand over to new moms and friends and my kids? The words? What about the words I write here and all the unfinished manuscripts that I’m too scared to pull out and finish.

What matters after all?

Are these things eternal? I know that my kids and family are, the work I do in volunteering is, the time I take to make sure I’m a good me is, those things are eternal, but what about this other business? So I did what I do when I have a question about such things…I ask my pastor husband! (He sure is handy to have around in times like these!)

God took the time to make flowers that don’t seem to have any purpose other than to bring beauty to this earth. God painted butterfly wings and sunsets. He gave special instructions for the beautification of the temple and empowered artisans with the Holy Spirit to carry out the work.

God has a thing for beauty! He also finishes what He begins…no matter how long it takes!

I get to participate in that beauty when I create with fabric, paper, words, and music. The things that are scripted into my DNA. Some projects definitely take longer than others. My craft room is full of projects in various stages of completion. I have ideas in my head that have yet to see the light of day. There are more songs and poems and stories to be written.

All for the display of His splendor.

Finishing will be worth the effort. After all, God isn’t finished with me yet, or you. He only has about 6 billion unfinished projects on His table right now. I’m keeping good company!

Investing in beauty, in writing words that will encourage, in singing songs that lift up these are eternal investments.

Taking the time to do it right is a worthwhile investment. I’ve heard it said that only amateurs hurry! God’s no amateur and He seems quite content to bring things to completion at whatever rate is necessary for the full benefit to be afforded.

I’m trying this out:

Today I signed up with Emily P. Freeman at the School of Creative Direction to take a course…I can’t actually endorse it because I haven’t even started yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s what I need to move some projects forward that really need a gentle shove in the right direction. The course is only open for another week or so, maybe you’d like to take it with me? CLICK HERE TO ZOOM OVER You may know Emily from some of her books; A Million Little Ways and Simply Tuesday (I’ve reviewed them both). I even met her in person at Allume and made a fool of myself, I kind of hope she forgot that bit!

Bring on all this crazy grace!!