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My swirling brain...

My swirling brain…

Yeah, I do!

I love drama, really I do! There’s nothing like a great character to sink your teeth into and have fun with on a stage, however, this is not the kind of drama I am talking about.

I am talking about renovations and non-trustworthy plumbers and kids off the rails and decision making and all that…

TOO MUCH DRAMA going on around here.

I used to be a bit of a drama addict. Maybe you were with me on the stage.

There are days when you wish someone would see you, pay attention to your small life.

So we make a drama out of something or sub-consciously clap our hands when our kid breaks a leg.

I’m sure I am guilty of this.

As a young mama of lots of littles I got sucked into the vortex of cheerios and diapers and never-ending laundry piles on a daily basis.

A little drama would, ever so briefly, make me noticeable. Let people know I’m alive, maybe even get a sympathetic ear, a hug, some prayer, maybe even a gift card or meal.

I confess I have not always gone to the Lord with my need for attention. (It’s true, good thing my pedestal isn’t too far off the ground.)

We love attention don’t we. We want a lot of hits on our YouTube channels, tons of likes on our Facebook status, subscribers on our blogs, retweets and all that. For heaven’s sake someone please think that what I said is noteworthy!!

NOTE: Drama with teen-agers is bigger than drama with toddlers…brace yourselves!

These last few months have left me on the other side of that fence.

I would like to be invisible.

No drama.

My requests are simple and, Ithink, reasonable:

I would like hot water and a furnace that runs.

I would like to know where the home base is going to be located, where my kids are going to go to school.

I would love to not worry about where my son is going and with whom and what they are doing and is it legal?

I would like there to be a lot less dirt.

I want to know that another son has actually decided what the next year looks like and take some action!

I would like my husband to be out there doing what he loves and not chasing down delinquent plumbers.

I don’t want any more drama, I have had all the noticing that this body can take in this never-ending saga of chaos that I am living in.

Scripture says that we are to labour to enter His rest. I would like to be done labouring now and get to that resting bit!

I am tired. My body is weary and exhausted.

We aren’t having any fun.

This may be a depressing post but you don’t want to know all the stuff I DIDN’T write because that was even less fun!

Tomorrow I am going to go for a swim and shower at the pool since I don’t have hot water in my house. The kids might get to go for another swim tomorrow evening if we don’t have the hot water back by then.

I might just throw a large, pretty blanket over the pile of stuff sitting OUTSIDE the unfinished closet and I will keep running the dishwasher since it can heat its own water!!

I am praying that the non-delinquent carpenter quits finding more things that need to be fixed in this house (which is why the closet isn’t finished – another structure issue surfaced in there!)

I am abdicating my throne and lobbying for less drama over at this address.

I know that God will make our path clear and that He isn’t surprised by all the hullabaloo going on here. He is aware that we are in need of some crazy buckets of grace and that He sees me all the time…