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They are everywhere!!

Adult Coloring Books have been ‘the thing to do/be/have’ these last few months. I have to admit I succumbed and all my kids got them for Christmas.  We even had a coloring party as we sat around the table on Christmas Eve after we opened presents, it was really quite lovely. (I am Canadian, therefore colour owns the letter ‘u’…just so you know).

colorcollage1 colorcollage2

I have always enjoyed colouring so I was absolutely certain that I would love having a colouring book that wasn’t a picture of some superhero or a simplified flower or doll or fairy. And, for the most part I do love the new adult colouring craze but I’m going to be absolutely honest here.  I think I also have adult ADHD.

I have a hard time sitting still and colouring long enough to do a whole page. This is a problem because my OCD kicks in and will not allow me to leave that page until that thing is D.O.N.E. Also part of being slightly OCD is the need for sharp pencil crayons and colouring inside the lines.

So sometimes I have to admit that my Colour Me Stress Free colouring book isn’t always stress free.

I got three beautiful colouring books at Christmas time. One came from my husband (the stress free one), one came from my sister-in-law and one came from Bethany House, a division of Baker Book House as a review copy. I like all three for different reasons so I think I will give you a tiny review of all of them…


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Live Loved by Margaret Feinberg is probably my favourite because it is based on scripture. Taking time to colour allows me to meditate on the scripture that is associated with the page. Ms. Feinberg’s premise for the whole book is to meditate on the love of God. There is a page for journaling opposite the colouring page. There are quite a few wreath type pages but there are a few other designs. The paper is nice and thick so there is no bleed through when I used fine-tipped markers to colour with. The one draw back of this book is that it doesn’t open all the way up so the left edge of the picture is in the crease or binding of the book, I am guessing this might get worse as I get further into the book, so unless I break the binding I might have an issue there. This is the book that I got for review, that was an excellent mail day!  Oh yes, Ms. Feinberg also encourages you to take pictures of your pages and upload them to social media with the hashtag #liveloved.

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Color Me Stress Free is a Zen Coloring Book, it includes several chapters that have a little write up on different things that can create stress; disorganization, relationships, finances, work, health, time, travel and commuting. Each chapter starts with a partially colored page or two, designs for coloring and a blank page to create your own design. I like the pretty colored pages on the opposite pages. The designs are quite intricate and are designed to go with the theme of that chapter. One thing I really like about this book is how flat it opens out. We picked this one up at Indigo. Great paper on this one as well. Because of the printed, pattern page on the opposite side, bleed through isn’t an issue.

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Floral Designs – Artist’s Coloring Book by Peter Pauper Press is the last my books. Obviously the designs are all floral though I find that the designs vary quite a bit more than the other two and include obvious design elements like birds and butterflies. This one has a similar problem to Live loved in that it doesn’t lie flat when opened, actually way worse than Live Loved. The publishers counteracted this problem by perforating the pages. I haven’t tried to actually get a page out yet so we’ll see how effective that is!

How about you? Are you caught up in the colouring book craze?

I’d love to see your colouring book! Feel free to show off a little in the comments, I’d love to see what you’re up to! The one I gave my mom for her birthday has vellum pages and is all butterfiles, the pages are perforated so that you can take the pages out and put them on your window in order to get a stained glass effect!  I’ve seen postcard sized ones and we found different ones for each of our six kids…so what have you got!???