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A lot has taken place in the last ten days or so. I feel like I’ve been in a whirlwind. The world has shifted for me in some not so little ways…

  1. I attended a conference, a retreat, several meetings and work.
  2. I have slept in 4 different beds.
  3. I travelled out of the province, north of the city and south of the city and all over the city. (I really need to decorate my van!)
  4. We are almost done harvesting…in November!
  5. We have had perfect fall weather….in November!
  6. Donald Trump was elected president of the U.S.A.
  7. I decided to obey the Lord’s direction back into children’s ministry.
  8. We are getting increased clarity on where we’ll be located following June 2017.
  9. By the end of June 2017 I will have launched half of my children out of the nest! (this realisation only took place in the last 10 days!)
  10. I finished three quilts and gave them to their new owners.

So often it feels like nothing is happening and then suddenly it is. Not unlike a whirlwind springing up on the prairies. You can see it at a distance and then suddenly it is on your doorstep. It can scoop you up and plop you down where and when you least expect it.

Friends invited me to a conference that I’d never heard about, that might be because it has never happened before. They weren’t able to get there in the end but I got there. The Belong Summit was a conference put together by God’s handiwork. A few of God’s people listened and the conference is what happened. The Belong Summit is  where God spoke to my heart, I was able to spend time with my sweet sister-in-law’s family and reconnect with the calling on our lives to adopt (more on that at another time).

At one of those meetings I was at in the last ten days my long time mentor/spiritual mama and I spoke of what we felt God calling us into for this season. Such a joy to walk in obedience alongside another, so yes, after 12 years I am heading back into children’s ministry with an alive, passionate heart. Apparently it was there waiting for a reawakening.

While we have been unsure of where God was taking us for the season following our time in the city we were completely confident that He would make it clear to us. The time of wondering is over and the time of preparing for the next season is upon us. #feelingunstuck (more on that later, too…something to keep you reading!)

Snow came in October but the sun has come out in November. We are so thankful for the opportunity to put our crop in the bin and put this prolonged harvest season to bed. There may be more spiritual lessons on that I am sure…but I don’t know them yet. Stay tuned.

Those three quilts…one for my new great-nephew (so very sweet). One for our school’s auction – a joy to make and donate. And the third for a couple who practised hospitality in the very best way when our oldest son was hospitalised in Winnipeg following his accident. I was able to hand-deliver it because of that conference and express our deep gratitude…that was a gift in itself! What a wonderful feeling to finish projects that matter!

Where has God been leading you in these last few weeks. Maybe not in a whirlwind, perhaps something more gentle?