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Yes, I still read and I will continue to share some of my reading material with you as I review them.

I read some great books over the holidays!

Graf-Martin Communications, a division of Bethany House Publishers keeps me supplied with excellent reading material in exchange for my honest review.

I was thrilled when I saw a Lyn Austin title in the December options – of course I picked it to review!!

Where We Belong is a riveting story of two sisters whose sole goal in life is to find and live their God-given purpose. How they go about finding out what that purpose is, leads the reader on a thrilling adventure across the globe as these two not-so-typical Victorian ladies follow God’s lead.

Bedouin sheiks, camels, the back alleys of Egypt, the great Chicago fire, orphans, artifacts, the pyramids, storms at sea, thieves and suitors are all part of the package. Austin knows how to take an adventure to the ends of the earth with these characters! Rebecca and Flora Hawes are two ladies you won’t soon forget along with Soren and Kate, their not-so-typical traveling companions.

Along with the sisters, you will learn Biblical truths and will be challenged to uncover your own God-given purpose on this earth. God designed you with gifts, talents and a purpose. Find it and live into it!

A Dangerous Legacy written by Elizabeth Camden takes us to New York in the late 1800s. Lucy Drake and her brother Nick have been fighting a battle over plumbing for years and years. They just want to carry out their grandfather’s dream of giving good water to those who need it. They wouldn’t mind having friends or relationships but a greedy, relentless uncle doesn’t seem to want them to do that.

Fortunately, Lucy is all tenacity and grit. She works for the fledgling Associated Press as a telegraph operator. Morse code saves the day as she and Sir Colin Beckworth, who works for the competitor, Reuters, work together to uncover the truth behind Uncle Thomas’ underhanded behavior. Nick works under the scenes in the infrastructure of New York City.

Who knew a book that centers around plumbing and Morse code would be so intriguing. Elizabeth Camden creates captivating characters in Lucy and Sir Colin. The two are delightful and engaging and you don’t want to miss out on this run-away tale.

Jaime Jo Wright brings us a mysterious and dark story in The House on Foster Hill.

Life has been bleak and scary for Kaine Prescott over the last two years. Her husband is dead, probably murdered though no one believes her, and someone is playing with her mind. She attempts to get away from her stress-filled life by purchasing a ‘project house’ sight unseen in the town where her ancestors lived. She feels that restoring the house would bring honor to her late husband but trouble follows her to the house on Foster Hill.

That house has seen its share of troubles, Ivy, Kaine’s great-grandmother, is trying to uncover the secrets kept there when an unidentified girl is found dead, shoved inside a tree trunk on the property. The missing baby belonging to the deceased woman becomes her obsession and leads her down a path that is dark and twisted and dangerous.

Wright takes the reader back and forth between the two women and hundreds of years. How are Kaine and Ivy connected? What secrets is the house on Foster Hill keeping? You won’t be able to put this one down as events unfold and keep you riveted between past and present. Not all things are new.