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To calibrate something means that you adjust it to meet a standard. Therefore, recalibrate means to bring something back to the standard; to re-adjust.

My daughter has to do this constantly with her violin. It isn’t a very good one so it goes out of tune easily. Went she’s all calibrated the music is sweet but when it’s not, well, we won’t mention that.

My husband has tuned pianos, too, minor adjustments take a horrible sounding note to a thing of beauty. This is what I want – I want to have my life be a thing of beauty.

So we adjust, recalibrate.

That is what I’ve been doing since the beginning of this year. There has been plenty to recalibrate!

After our not-so-pleasant ending to a family trip to the mountains, in which there were multiple hospital visits and severe unpleasantness dealing with our RAD son we hit the ground running with a busy schedule and all the craziness that goes along with having six kids, two houses, four dogs, a farm and ministry obligations.

I sat down to do some editing on a training manual I had agreed to work on and the longer I worked on it the heavier my spirit felt. Something needed to be adjusted. I chatted with my mom and in the midst of our conversation she said, “I think you need to be done with that.” My husband echoed her sentiment. I sadly sent an email to the organization letting them know I could no longer help them out. It was hard, because I have loved working with them and I believe whole-heartedly that what they are about pleases the heart of the Father.

It was time to recalibrate. Was this the yoke Jesus had called me to bear? Nope. When I got the note back from the leader of that organization that graciously released me the relief was immense. The next day was a very different experience.

I sat down to work on the next Sunday’s lessons that I was going to teach. I dove into preparation, writing curriculum and finding great object lessons and my spirit soared. I was energized and thrilled and excited. I emerged from my office and my husband wondered what I had been up to. “Working on children’s ministry stuff.” I chirped. He smiled a knowing smile. “That is what you are called to do.” This was my yoke.

A week later both of my older boys moved out. Talk about having to recalibrate! Suddenly I am setting two kids up at a time to run their own homes. My poor mama’s heart was leaking all over the place. So proud and squishy was that week. I am thankful for the friends who let me adjust to my raging emotions and cancel the retreat I was planning to host – I was in no position to be a hostess that weekend.

Now I am needing to recalibrate the chore chart. Recalibrate my daughter’s attitude now that she is the oldest one at home and in command of a license. Recalibrate my emotions. Recalibrate my menu. There is much to adjust with children leaving the nest!

My husband is at home more now so the renovation is moving forward. Recalibrate. Dirt, mess, furniture moving around, workers in the house, power shut off and on, lock up the dogs, move this, take out that. But it will only last for a season.

And then we’re moving back to the farm, selling this house and settling back into country life. Recalibrate. Find a new normal. Adjust.

We also have graduation of our oldest daughter, she, too, will fly the coop before this year is up. We heard in the wind that a big adjustment is coming for our oldest son that I am not a liberty to divulge just yet!

Recalibrate. Adjust.

I hope that I am elastic enough for all these adjustments.

So much in store. So much to wrap my head around. But my God is faithful and together we’ll carry on through these adjustments, hopefully with joy and all the crazy grace we’ll need!!

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