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Advent season is upon us! The most wonderful time of the year.

It really is and I have kind of an eclectic post for you about all kinds of things that don’t actually go together all that much so please bear with me…

What I read {That Book Goal}:

First of all, we’ll get the book goal for November out of the way. Mostly I listened to books while I was in my vehicle or working madly to prepare for a craft show. Not a single review book got finished this month so I am not posting any reviews today, just the list of what I read/listened to!

On Audible:

Grace and the Preacher (Kim Vogel Sawyer), Spy School (Stuart Gibbs), The Assault (Cycle 2 of the Harbinger Series)(Hunt, Peretti, Myers, Ganske), Until We Reach Home (Lynn Austin) and Ready to Fumble: The Worst Detective Ever (Christy Barrit)

These were a quite a mix of books, from mystery, thriller, drama and juvenile fiction. I actually enjoyed all of these!

The only paperback I read this month was Pewter Angels by Henry Ripplinger, it’s the first in a series and I will definitely be reading the rest. Ripplinger is not only a Canadian author, he happens to live in Lumsden, Saskatchewan – where my kids live!! The book is set in Regina and is such a lovely tale of young hearts and persistence, can’t wait to read the next one!


Did you know that Samaritan’s Purse actually delivers those Christmas boxes all year round? They do! And if you’re like me you missed the deadline for dropping off your box at one of the drop locations in the third week of November. However, you can mail your box directly to Calgary where they have a huge distribution center!

One of my friends has gone there to help prepare boxes and she has had the privilege of going along on some of the distribution campaigns. The children who receive the boxes are SO excited to get them, it is well worth the effort to fill a box.

Filling a box when you live out in a very rural area like myself is difficult (which is why mine isn’t full yet! There are only so many suitable things at the local Coop). You can go online and ‘fill a box’ right there! How cool is that? They have made it super easy to get involved in this beautiful ministry.

If you are filling a box yourself please follow their guidelines carefully, you can’t stick just anything in there. Each box is examined by volunteers to make sure those guidelines are followed. Make their life easier and don’t waste money and time on things that shouldn’t be there in the first place!

Go to to see what you can do to support this ministry!!

The Crazy Grace Store

If you click on that page there will actually be something to look at and consider purchasing. I have been busy this month creating my Button Beauty dolls. Up until this point, I have only made custom dolls. I was asked to bring them to a craft show which necessitated actually making some ready-to-go dolls. It was a lot of work and something I’ve wanted to do for awhile just needed the right motivation!

So there they are, my sweet girls are ready for adoption, please go check them out!


I am excited about the possibilities that KiwiCrate brings! We attended a Maker Faire as a family recently and I want to continue to inspire my children to be makers. My boy, Sasha, is going to have a birthday soon and we decided this just might be the perfect gift for him.

  1. They get something in the mail!
  2. It’s a package! Who doesn’t love opening packages!
  3. The package will contain something different every month!
  4. It is hands-on, as in not on a screen!
  5. They are going to learn something through whatever comes in that package!
  6. Hopefully, it will inspire!

If you are looking for something to inspire your child, get them off a screen, delight them or some other reason why don’t you take a look? Click through on this code to receive $10 off!

There is something for each age group from 0-16+!!  Whether your kiddo is into science or design and art, take a look, they’ve got something for you!