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For over a year now I have been part of an amazing family of sisters who comprise The God-Sized Dream Team. We were only supposed to be together for about six months to help promote Holley’s book You Were Made for a God-sized Dream. We did that but the journey together just doesn’t stop when you’ve woven hearts together like we have.

We even got to meet in person at Allume and that was just a sweet piece of crazy, I tell ya!

There’s Holley in the corner on the left and a bunch of my sweet GSDT sisters!!

While we were promoting her book this little gem was getting ready for publication and Revell went and gave us each a copy. IT IS A GOLD MINE OF GODLY WISDOM people.

Head on over to Dayspring and get yourself a copy. I don’t have a give-away but Dayspring has got one super duper deal going on right now with the coupon code 30SPECIAL off their entire site!  So click on this link and get on over there. Get this book, in fact, buy some for some friends! Get yourself a copy of her other books because they are worth the investment and there is that sweet little deal to consider!!

The Official Review

How many ways can I encourage you to get your hands on this little book? Hmmmm…let me ask you some questions?

Do find yourself in need of a companion on the road you’re following?
Are you wondering where the road is or what it looks like?
Do you need encouragement?
Are you in need of Godly wisdom?
Would you like to see what the Word says about your dream?
Are you willing to consider dreaming?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then please, PLEASE do yourself a favour and get a copy of this little book. Between the pretty covers of Opening the Door to Your God-Sized Dream you will find all those things. A companion in Holley, reading her words feels like sitting down and conversing with a friend. A signpost for you to say, “Oh, so that’s what the road looks like!” A cheerleader, Holley wants you to see your dream come true. God’s own words as you dig into scripture and find encouragement and direction from the heart of God.

Opening the Door is a 40 day companion book to You Were Made for a God-Sized Dream. Every day there is encouragement, and exercise to work through your dream journey and scripture to dive into to hear the words of the Father.

Your God-sized dream is probably already deep inside your heart, it is the perfect size and shape for you and doesn’t look like anyone else’s. Opening the Door will help you find the keys that you need to unlock the door and begin, or continue, on a beautiful journey to your dream come true.

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