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Canada Day is sneaking up on me! We’ve had such a whirlwind of events that I almost forgot it was just about here. I think I have sufficient reason to be a little scatterbrained right now. I can’t wait to post about my son’s wedding, my daughter’s graduation and all the other fun things we’ve been doing and will be doing that have kept me from spending a whole lot of time right here where I’d like to be, writing my heart out.

Graf-Martin Communications supplied with me an opportunity to review this beautiful book. One Dominion: Celebrating Canada, Prepared for a Purpose.

(you can click on the bookface to go to Bible League’s website to order your copy)

I wish I could sit down with you and show you all the glorious pictures that show off our country to such great advantage.  There are stories of individuals who have impacted our country. An historical timeline of events before confederation and after and historical information regarding our spiritual heritage as a country.

I learned a lot about our heritage in God that was a foundation stone in the forming of Canada as a nation. One nation under God, indigenous peoples, immigrants and all – one dominion from sea to sea. Our founding fathers were men of great faith. The birth of our country and the settling and building of it were all carried out through prayer and seeking the face of God.

There are also inspiring tales of individuals who made huge differences through their tenacity and intentional actions to make our country the great place that it is. The message of this book is that the living word of God makes a difference in and through you. YOU can contribute and make a difference.

My daughter graduated from Tommy Douglas Collegiate this week. I have to admit that I hadn’t really paid much attention to the name of her school or the person that it honours. Mr Douglas was declared The Greatest Canadian of all time in November of 2004. “The events of Tommy Douglas’ life shaped his faith and his faith shaped his politics.” He was the father of our medical system and influential in many other benefits that we enjoy today. His story is one part of this book.

sidenote: I was reading through this book as we headed home from our son’s wedding in Weyburn when I read that Mr. Douglas began his ministry as the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Weyburn!

From the official press release:

WATERLOO—May 16th, 2017— Strong and free…for a purpose. This is the message communicated through One Dominion (Bible League Canada, June 2017, full-colour gift book, $29.99) an inspiring, beautifully designed book by Bible League Canada in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. Releasing just in time for Canada Day, One Dominion outlines Canadian Christian history from John Cabot raising the cross on Canadian shores in 1497 to this year’s celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.

I hope you have an opportunity to order a copy of this beautiful coffee-table style book about our marvelous country! You can order it through Bible League’s website by clicking HERE. It would be a lovely gift for your own home or for visitors to our great nation!!