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I will confess that I don’t like being bound by routines, schedules, rules or charts. Yet I know that I desperately need them to stay on top of things.

I will also confess that I can slip into ‘quadrant 4’ type activities like a little greased piggy!! You know what I’m talking about – just wasting time.  I really don’t have time to waste, but I seem to be an expert at doing it.

The conviction of the Spirit is coming upon me. Yesterday I was just too tired to do anything productive. The trip to the mountains took its toll and then a day trip to see my new great-nephew (he is soooooooooo adorable and totally worth it) wiped me out. My energy reserves are never really big and those two things drained me completely. So I sat at the computer and on the couch and did very little other than hang out with my kids.

At the end of the day I realized that the three little ones never got dressed and played on the Wii for at least 8 hours! And I didn’t bat an eyelash. By the end of the day my husband gathered us into the living room to pray together and they were just a little psycho – it was hard to get them to focus on something that wasn’t a controller or LCD display. The whole situation finally got to me.

Kelly made the off-hand comment that we should make chores like a video game and then maybe we’d make some progress.  My brilliant 9 year old piped up, “Hey! We could use that job chart thing we used to use.” Like I said – the kid is brilliant, a little hyper-active, but brilliant.

Job Chart  (click here to take a look-see) – it’s a free to use program on the computer where you set up chores and rewards for your kids with whatever frequency you want and whatever is age appropriate. Each kid has their log-in and their unique set of chores and rewards and away they go. It takes some work and brain power to set it up (Note to self: Do NOT start working on it at 10 PM), but once it’s up and running it pretty much does all the work for you.

Apparently my kids like routines and charts and stuff like that. Before I got out of bed the two boys (we left the teenagers out of this) had made their beds – very nicely I might add, with pillow cases and everything, they were dressed and had actually combed their hair. They had had devotions and written me messages telling me how delighted they were that we were doing this again! (Again – because it isn’t the first time we’ve used Job Chart – or about 100 other systems).

This is one note:

You have received the following message from Sasha through My Job Chart:

i can’t wait to get in the groove again


Comment on Sasha’s sticky note


We are going to add in practicing their instruments, doing a little school work to get back into the groove before school actually starts and doing kind things for others.  They were able to come up with other tasks that they thought they could handle that I could add in as extra jobs. They seem to really like working towards a reward! Shocking I know…

Yes, Mom is going to have to keep on her toes and keep up with the job distribution. I will also have to rearrange the budget a little so that I have money on hand for their rewards. Each job is assigned a point value and it is the equivalent of a penny per point.

So that’s what I’m doing today – getting this creaky system oiled and back in working order. I’ve also reverted back to Cozi – an electronic family planner system that includes daily chores from Flylady and keeps everyone, including the pets on track…maybe I’ll talk about that another day.

My friend Laura – OrgJunkie would be so proud of me.  If you really need help organizing you should visit her because I am NOT an organizing guru – she is. She is amazingly organized (most of the time), smart, real, funny and my good friend, and don’t forget Canadian, my sister in Christ and rescuer of me – the freaked-out traveller (okay, maybe we rescued each other – it was totally a God-thing)

Don’t let your disorganization make you feel like a failure!

Remember this incredible truth –


Your value is not based in your ability to keep your kids or your house in order, there is so much grace for that.

You are BEAUTIFUL because you are LOVED!!!