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What’s new for 2018?

A New Community

I joined the iBloom Community. They are an encouraging, Jesus-loving group of women who want to see you succeed in every way! I love these ladies! I met a few of them at a conference I was at a while ago and got their planner – what a great resource. There’s one with my name on it because of their amazing generosity, I can’t wait for it to come. If you’re looking for some personal coaching and help with focusing can I encourage you to take a look around? Here’s their website! iBloom Community

A New Way of Eating

One of the big things that I feel I need to pursue this year is health! I have struggled for a number of years now with fatigue, IBS, slow but steady weight gain that won’t budge. My boys are overweight and my husband is carrying around some extra poundage, too, so we all decided that together we’re going to make a big change in our eating habits. On January 1 we cleaned out all the flour and pasta and sugar (we ate all the cookies and chips! and chocolate!) and decided to take a shot at Keto for a season. We’ll switch to Trim Healthy Mama after a few weeks but wanted to see how we’d do on this. Our first week was rough but had GREAT results! (altogether we lost about 30 lbs!)

A New Word?

There hasn’t been a revelation about a NEW word for this year. I’m feeling that I am not yet done with CONTINUE. Over the last year, I have found it to be a potent, encouraging word that has kept me moving forward to the places I truly want to go. So I am keeping it.

However, God planted this MAKER idea in my heart this fall and that has yet to reach its full potential in my life. I need to poke around the concept a lot more.

A New Look with an Old Idea

I want this place I hold in the online world to get a new look. I’m not very good at that kind of stuff but I have a course that I can tap into to learn how to go about updating things. That family picture is at least five years old!!

But the new, old idea that has been on my mind for the last week or so is reviving the ‘fresh flower’ idea. If you’re new here you have no idea what I’m talking about and that’s okay. Fresh Flowers was my old blog, from which I shared my experiences with God – the moments where He breathed life into a moment and handed me a fresh bit of insight.

Our new pastor has been challenging us to remember our ‘God-moments’, those times that are like freshly picked flowers from heaven. I haven’t been paying as much attention since I quit writing those pieces, largely due to the fact that I’ve been in the wilderness for quite some time. I’m praying that the wilderness is coming to an end an new time of health and healing is upon me.

Would you pray for me in that regard – I’d like to bring back the ‘flowers’!

A New Spirit

As I continue on my journey of emotional health there have been some resources that are helping get to the place I want to be – a refreshed, healthy, spiritually vibrant woman.

iBloom is helping with that as I explore who I really want to be and what I really want to do. They encourage having a ‘business meeting’ with God and really digging into His heart for me personally in every aspect of my life. I want to live out of my values rather than just keeping up with the status quo.

Another great resource for this area: The Emotionally Healthy Woman – you should really check that out (if you’re a guy don’t worry – Emotionally Healthy Spirituality is the one you’re looking for!)

A few books that are on the reading stack for this season:

  1. Shine (Allison Allen)
  2. Women Who Move Mountains (Sue Detweiler)
  3. Fiercehearted (Holley Gerth)
  4. Emotionally Healthy Relationships (Peter and Gerri Scazzero)

Reviews on these will be forthcoming as I work through them!

A New Goal

I don’t know if you saw THIS POST, but I totally nailed my Book Goal!! This was a big deal for me to succeed at this. It’s a new year though and therefore I need a new goal!

One goal I’m working on with a few friends is to read through the Bible this year. I have actually done this before and even made it through the wilderness of Leviticus, where every reading plan goes to die (Beth Moore), so I’m feeling confident that I can do this, especially within a community of people also doing it.

I don’t want to do another reading goal – that one was hard! I had to keep a reading pace of about one book every three days. I am counting the cost this time before I choose but I am leaning toward something that involves the MAKER idea. Completed projects maybe – but how many to set my cap for? Insight?

So that’s what is new with me…what’s new with you, I’d love to hear from you?


Photo credit: Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash