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I picked a ‘flower’ today! That hasn’t happened in sooooooo long!

fresh flowers

By ‘flower’ I mean a little revelation that comes as I bop along life’s road. It feels a little like God sweeps back the veil for just a moment and you get a flash of understanding that is just for that moment. My old blog ‘fresh flowers’ was all about those flowers…you can actually go back and read them if you want, they’re still there! Here’s the link if you’re really keen! Fresh Flowers

Thursday was a very busy day.

The alarm didn’t go off.

Fortunately I woke up before I needed to get to work but with not a lot of time to spare. I woke up disappointed because the night before I had downloaded a new (free) app from Lysa Terkheurst called First5 – it is supposed to wake you up ¬†with the Word. Except it didn’t. (It did, however, go off at 7:45 PM at the Old Navy checkout!)

I hate waking up behind the 8-ball. I like it even less when there is tension in my neck and shoulders that breathes the promise of a headache later on. So yes, not off to a great start and anxiety was mounting.

I got to work though and did my job knowing that the list at the end of the work day was a doozy! My in-laws are celebrating their 50th and it promised to be quite an event. The list of places to go and things to pick up was going to take me all over the city, not all of it was for that party, the list also included combine parts and sewing machines. Then a two hour drive out to the farm.

Midday, my daughter called me in a panic because the letter from the camp that she is going to work at on Sunday did not arrive. She needs a criminal record check and they need to provide a letter so she doesn’t have to pay for it. It didn’t come. I called and they promised to hand-deliver it later that day. I called my girl back and told her to breathe, everything would work out just fine.

I finished work and was unsure what to do. Start errands or go home and wait for that hand-delivered letter. I had an hour and a half before the police station closed and a long list of errands calling my name. I decided to start getting those errands done with instructions to that girl to call me as soon as the letter arrived and I would come right home.

Shockingly, the first half of the errands went along swimmingly and I found myself on the freeway toward home before our deadline for the police station expired. I called my daughter and told her to make sure she printed out her forms and had everything ready to go. We were going to anticipate in faith that the letter would arrive on time. And I prayed hard.

But in the meantime I was ticking things off that list. Moving forward while waiting. That was the flower! So often I just sit around waiting for life to happen and then if it doesn’t go the way I anticipated, I just keep sitting there…doing nothing…hoping for the next bit of life to be better.

While Abraham waited for the promise to be fulfilled he kept doing life. While David was waiting to be king he kept being a warrior. While Joseph waited for redemption he kept serving the king. All of these men kept moving forward even though their faith had not been rewarded.

While I was moving forward, doing the errands, getting that list done I took a deep breath and released my anxious thoughts to the Lord. I realized that even if we didn’t get out to the farm that night it wouldn’t be the end of the world. We could leave early in the morning, the police get up early after all, and we could be there in good time. We would miss tonite’s family time but we could still accomplish all that we needed to. It would be okay.

I was able to settle into the waiting. Praying all the while that the answer would come that I wanted, but in the meantime, there where things I could be doing…

Hebrews 10: 19-25 reminds us that we have a hope, we have a faith we can cling to and promises we can trust. We can lean into the Father as we wait for what’s been promised. And we can be sure of the result. Our faith WILL be rewarded.

The letter didn’t arrive in time and we had a lovely evening completing the rest of the list without so much rush and a two hour drive to anticipate. Nope, my prayer wasn’t answered the way I wanted it to be, but the letter did come and we had to practice extending grace for the late arrival. We were able to accomplish our list and accommodate everyone’s requests and practice extending grace to ourselves to get the list done. We moved forward in the waiting and left anxiety at the curb and experienced the grace that we needed in the moment.

We moved forward WHILE we waited.