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Did you know I write many posts in my head every single week? Of course not, because they rarely make it here where you could see them. Obviously, you don’t live in my head, which is probably a good thing.

In my head I write about supporting families who are raising kids with invisible disabilities, I write about adoption, I rant about things that seem important in the moment. I create amazing tutorials for projects that I’m working on. So not helpful to all of you who read this!

I’m taking this amazing course right now called Create & Complete with Emily P. Freeman. We are learning a process by which we can finish projects that matter…like that book on living with kids who have hidden disabilities!  I wish you could take it with me but we are almost done and I’m not sure when she’s going to offer it again but you should keep tabs on her website because it is totally worth the price of admission. Emily is the author of Simply Tuesday, Grace for the Good Girl and A Million Little Ways. Some of my favourite books over the last few years. She’s created a ‘place for your soul to breathe’. Do yourself a favour and go check things out over there. CLICK HERE to take yourself over there!

I am feeling in the vein of recommendations so here are a couple more to consider:


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This one is for all Angela Hunt fans. I love reading her books. That girl has a way of making a story come to life. Book 3 in the Dangerous Beauties collection is Delilah. Yes, she takes that story head on and weaves an account of what might have been. Keep in mind that she didn’t have much to go on from the Biblical accounts so there is plenty of literary leeway taken. However, Hunt weaves a completely believable story of Samson and Delilah’s relationship and what may have provoked Delilah to deceive her man in such a way. Hunt succeeds in getting the reader to take another look at this treacherous girl. We have no idea what she was like before, or after, the events that are recorded in scripture. Angela Hunt is an excellent story teller and you won’t be disappointed when you pick up your copy of Delilah at your favourite bookseller.

I got my copy from Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group in exchange for my honest review.

For your kids:

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Click the image to go to sent me a copy of their video Theo: God’s Heart to review. I have to admit it took me forever to get around to watching it because I thought it would be very below my own kids’ viewing age and interest level. I may have been wrong about that!

I sat down to watch this video with my 10 year old daughter and my 14 year old son. We all enjoyed it. The producers employed a number of different animation techniques that were intriguing.

Theo is an older gentleman who keeps company with two mischievous mice. He helps them learn lessons in virtue and character and Christian life by telling them stories. While some of the language is slightly lofty – terms like justification and righteousness – the point does get across that kept my attention and that of my kids.

There are a number of videos in the Theo series. This particular video addressed justification, adoption and the nature of prayer. Each chapter is about 20 minutes long and includes a lesson from the Bible.

You can get your copy from your favourite bookseller or from Click the image above to be taken straight there!

That’s all for now. I hope you’re having a great week. What do you recommend?