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Life moves at such a pace doesn’t it? Sometimes my husband and I will crash on the couch at the end of a crazy day and joke about “livin’ the dream!”

And we are! This was/is our dream! Lots of kids, full on living with ministry, farm, family and all the things that go with it including the dogs! I pray that we live authentically and are instilling in our kids the desire to live fully in the kingdom and not regret the choices that we make.

At the same time, we need a crazy amount of grace to exist in the middle of all this crazy!

Click image to go to Amazon to find your copy!!

Click image to go to Amazon to find your copy!!

Perhaps this is why I really appreciated Alexandra Kuykendall’s book Loving My Actual Life. Alexandra is a busy working mom with four kids who spends plenty of time in her vehicle. Sounds familiar! (I seriously though about decorating the interior of my van this week since I spend so much time in there!)

Loving My Actual Life is a journal of nine months worth of experiments that Alexandra carried out in her home. One small change per month to see if there could be some order from the chaos that was reigning. Could little changes make a big difference? She tackled these nine areas:  quiet, mornings, dates, health, adventure, home organization, creativity, meals, and passions.

Some things were very practical (home organization, mornings and meals) and some more for bringing back inner balance (quiet, creativity and passions).  She addresses her spiritual, physical, mental and social aspects, paying attention to all dimensions of humanness.

Mostly, Loving My Actual Life made me ask questions about what small changes (and big ones) I could make that would allow me to love livin’ the dream a little bit more. I have incorporated some of the ideas that Kuykendall tried out, editing them for my own life and I have enjoyed the changes.

Written in a friendly, journal-style, non-patronizing way, I think you will glean valuable life changing ideas to help you Love your Actual Life!

Available at your favourite bookseller!!

I got mine in exchange for writing this review from Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group.