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It’s 8:00 AM and it’s quiet in my house for just a moment.

These days have been filled with endless driving, tutus and tap shoes.

We are in the throws of dance competitions and spring.

I have been called into work and the rest of life just keeps spinning on.

I am dropping balls everywhere!

This series of asking God how I can love Him today has been cathartic for me, it’s kept me a little grounded through all this crazy that I’ve been living.

Things run through your head as you tune out an endless stream of dance solos that your kid isn’t in but you’re sitting through hours of it for the three minutes that your child is on stage.

Love does that sort of thing.

It sacrifices time and money and sleep so it can support someone else’s dream.

It lets its backside go numb sitting and waiting.


It endures eye-rolling and yet another taco bag supper.

Love endures…a lot.

How much has God endured for me?

Far more than I have endured for Him I am absolutely certain of that.

I can love Him by enduring this season of dance, it’s almost over, and cheer loudly when my kids are up there doing there best to land on their heads during their hip hop routines. I can love Him by doing my girls’ hair four different ways in one day. I can love Him by applying false eyelashes to a pair of tiny green eyes that flutter at me with trust and anticipation because she LOVES having all this make-up on!!

Love endures…