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I need HOPE to rise again.

Hope has been beaten down and left in the dust.

*kids making hurtful choices

*my son’s lack of purpose or desire to do anything positive

*plumbers whose goal seems to be wrecking our house

*same guy who steals thousands of dollars

*weight going up on the scale instead of down

*another pair of pants that don’t fit

*chores not getting done

*dogs that do nasty things

*no furnace for three months and now no air conditioner

All these are so small in comparison to the atrocities happening in the Middle East and in Africa

*abdicate your faith or die

*leave your children behind because there is no room

*watch your family disintegrate

*no clean water

*jiggers in your feet

*language barriers

*sex trafficking of 9 year olds

And then there are ‘fine Christian people’ who hide atrocities done in the dark….

It is too much for my not-so-thin shoulders to bear.

Where is my HOPE?

For King and Country have two songs that have spoken to my spirit in the midst of my angst and lack of hope. Hope is What We Crave and Shoulders.

Upon his shoulders.

He will bear the weight.

I need only to lift my eyes to Him and lay my burdens at His feet.

My help is from Him. I know it’s TRUE.

Such a powerful video…let HOPE rise.


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