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I see you.

I see the fear that has taken up a place in you where I should be, I can take that from you. You can trust me.

You turn all the lights on and make sure things are locked so that you feel safe. You are safe. I am here.

I love to watch you play ballerina…will you dance for me?

Your mother’s heart longs for babies that are real, for clothes to dress them up and house to call your own. It will come, in time. Be patient.

You want to be liked and loved and known, you are, by me.

Moving is hard, leaving friends behind, I know, I had to do it, too, but I will go with you, you aren’t leaving me behind.

I love how your mind works, thinking up plots and stories and ideas…always so full of ideas! Changing the furniture in your room, creating new things for your dolls, trying your hand at design, writing poems, playing music, telling stories in your head…I gave you that creativity, let it shine!

Dance, sing, play, create, sew, write, dig, read, research…go ahead…do it…do it all!

You are okay!

Better than okay…you are fabulous!

Did you hear it? I’ll say it again…



This is me imagining what Jesus might say to the little girl in me, what her heart needs to hear. It is the prompt in chapter 5 of Finding Spiritual Whitespace by Bonnie Gray

It’s your turn now….turn off the editor’s and the over-thinking part of your brain and let your heart speak. What does your inner child need to hear and be affirmed in?

*This post is part of a series that I began after reading Bonnie’s book, you are welcome to follow along and participate!

If you’d like to go back and listen to the conversation from the beginning the series starts here!