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I was only recently introduced to the phenomenon that is ‘Once Upon a Time’. It had been suggested to me when the series first started but since we are weirdos who don’t have satellite or pvr’s or even cable…I never watched it.

Until this week!

I was pretty hooked from the get go. I love fairy tales, I love stories and I love medieval costumes!

Sunday morning came and I was sitting in church and, admittedly, feeling kinda grumpy and not that thrilled to be there. I will confess that I may have been murmuring and complaining just a little something like, “And now I suppose You are going to want me to give up watching ‘Once Upon a Time’, one show I like…”

The answer surprise me. Well, first of all I was a little surprised that He was even speaking to me at that point, I wasn’t being a very nice conversationalist! But here is what I heard whispered into my spirit, “There’s something I want you to learn there, keep watching it.”

So of course I went home and fired up my Netflix to keep watching, I had divine approval now!!  Woohoo!

I was near the end of season one and things started jumping out at me all over the place.

Most of us are living in Storybrooke, Maine. We are wandering around living a purposeless life, unaware of who we are and what we’re called to do.

There is a resident evil that is trying very hard to keep us away from true love. Do you know why?

There is nothing more powerful than true love. No curse can hold out against it. It is the thing that frees you when all hope is gone and you are more dead than alive.

True love will always find you.

We are all in need of saving and there is only One who can do the saving, He came as a baby, too, through a very special vessel from his world into ours.

I’m going to start season 2 soon and I will be watching with very different eyes…

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