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Today is such an ordinary day of trying to clean and teach a kid about subjects and predicates and keep my hair in my head while her brother DOESN’T write his report on the Renaissance.

Today is a day of sipping tea and talking and planning and wondering if he could please pick up a few groceries on the way home.

Today was getting the boy a better schedule at school so there is some chance of succeeding at this plan to have him graduate next year which involved blowing off some shame and following up on previous conversations.

Today needed a nap because of a bad night of sleep and trying out the wrong side of the bed, literally.

And today is planning supper and thinking about the evening and week ahead and making sure people have the information they need and wondering why I can’t seem to organize my thoughts when I can organize everything else.

Just an ordinary day.

On the heels of an extraordinary one.

In which God showed up and spoke to us in the middle of the congregation, where we sang praises together even though our men weren’t home.

A day where God brought around me women who prayed and lifted me up so that I could speak the words that God had given even though they didn’t make a lick of sense the night before when I was preparing in a haze of migraine pain.


A day where I cut up pieces of fabric and sewed them into a beautiful flower that my daughter is going to have on her bed when she turns twelve, which doesn’t seem so far away.

sugar block club 3sugar block club 3a

A day when we discovered that the almost ten year old definitely needs deodorant and she is excited about this while her mama mourns the loss of childhood in her home. Adolescence is knocking and I don’t want to answer the door.

And we welcomed home all the travellers and watched a movie and just were.

All this very ordinary stuff.

All covered with the crazy grace that keeps me altogether in this place.

Another day…