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Today is my birthday and marks the end of thirty years of ministry!

I started working at camp when I was 16 and have been involved in some kind of ministry ever since.

There have been three decades of working with children,  youth,  women,  leading small groups and Bible studies. Leading and or playing on a worship teams and being part of a dance team, mission trips,  prayer times,  attending gatherings and serving on boards and decorating and writing.

We took a sabbatical this year and now that is at an end as well.  Here I am at mid-life and I wonder what is coming in this next season.  My kids are getting older but still seem to need just as much of me.

What does God have for me in this next season? I don’t really know, but I am curious….

Some things I DO know:


– I was made to create


– I am a teacher


– I am a writer


– I love the bride of Christ,  the church


– I love ministering alongside my husband


– I love to travel


– I love to be at home

I believe I am going to sit and listen . I am not sure what He is inviting me into but I feel there is something,  a place,  where I will fit well and He is being me ready.