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So much life has happened in the last several days and I’m just beginning to feel like a human again. There has been so much grace in the crazy of my life in the last few weeks…

My daughter came home from her mission trip full of stories of God’s amazing grace as He used rag tag teams of hormonal young people to lead hundreds of kids to Christ and pray over people for healing and see it happen before their eyes. She is forever changed by this experience and I am so thankful for ministries like this that take them out on the street and disciple them straight into sharing their faith boldly.

My detached son got lost one night and we were able to show him in a tangible way that we love him, that we’ll come searching at 3:00 AM and we will fight for him. Beauty from ashes.

We took several trips to the health centre to get heart monitors on and off (making another one today) but managed to squeeze in a few moments of fun doing something we haven’t done before! 🙂




Two of my kids and I went to decorate for a glorious wedding ceremony. It was delightful to work with my kids and enjoy a day celebrating love and two young people who went about things in the right order.

The most exuberant kiss I have ever witnessed at a wedding!!!

On the day of that wedding I hit the marker for half way to 90!! It feels like a big deal some how. Bigger than 40 did. It feels older and more mature.

On this day I start a new journey toward health and healing. My sweet South African friend always tells me to start new things on Mondays. So I ate my birthday cake yesterday and feasted at the wedding on Saturday and today it’s time for discipline to begin. As I lay in bed last night I felt the Lord leading me towards writing a little series about the lessons He is teaching me in this whole area of grace-full discipline…NEW SERIES COMING SOON!!

I just wanted to let you know that I am back. This week will be a much more gentle one, getting ready for our new school year to begin, enjoying the last days of sleeping in, hopefully being lazy just for a bit and a sewing day with my mom is coming up this week…maybe we’ll have some pictures to show of sweet things we made!