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Sometimes I think we push away from grace.

Grace shows us just how weak we really are.

I am prone to despise what I need most, exercise being a case in point.

I need to exercise, I can’t do too much because it whacks out my adrenal glands if I overdo it. I am supposed to do gentle exercise, this will help but too much will do more damage. I choose swimming because I love it, yet getting wet and doing that whole sopping thing gets tired. Then I also have to actually get in the car and get to the pool and all that. I know, I am just a big whiner!

My ‘exercise routine’ – I need to use that term pretty loosely get sabotaged more often than I care to admit. The ‘routine’ seems to look a lot more like three times a month rather than three times a week!

I am not a fan of exercise but I know I will be healthier and stronger if I do it. I baulk and I whine and I drag around and create excuses for not going. AND I complain that my jeans are getting tight and I have no energy! I shoot myself in the proverbial foot.

I have a daughter who needs a ride to school every day. The school that houses the pool that I love. I have a card that lets me into that pool. I have a swim suit, goggles, swim cap and even the swimsuit stuff that keeps my swimsuit from falling apart. And, I love the water, once I surrender to the idea I quite love the feel of my body sliding through the water. I’m an excellent swimmer and my mind is free to wander, pray and relax as I go through my strokes and swim the thirty minutes that make up my routine.

I need to do a little lane swimming in grace. I need to surrender to the idea that I can’t possibly do this life on my own strength. But I baulk against that, too.

Grace meets us at the point where we’re done, can’t go on on our own strength. It fills the gap. It meets us at the point of surrender, when we realize that we are weak.

I often stop short of grace, make up excuses about why I can do things on my own. I fail. Every. Single. Time. I yell, cry, threaten and have temper tantrums. I beat myself up and chastise me for not being enough. I become a bit of a crazy thing.

God’s grace is a crazy kind of thing. He lets us have even when we are being brats.

We obviously don’t deserve it. Grace allows us to continue on the journey. When we embrace it He gets to shine brightly, eclipsing our inadequacies and failures and showing His glory and strength. We need to surrender to it. So why don’t we?

Our pride tends to get in the way of our acceptance of grace.

We can do better.

We can make a list, a routine, a new schedule…we can do this thing if we just try a little harder.

WE are so wrong…and sometimes, dare I say, stupid…to think we can.

Try harder.

Work smarter.

Set goals.

If you believe it you can achieve it.

You are enough!

Wrong again.

“My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made PERFECT in…wait for it…weakness!”

Yeah, weakness.

We kinda hate that word…weakness…

WE aren’t supposed to be weak, it goes against all that society tells us.

But the kingdom of God is an upside down kingdom.

So…grace is what we crave, the permission to not have it all together…

Grace is what we need…

It reclaims our screw ups…

It’s a crazy kind of grace, one that fills in our gaps and makes God look good.

I need it today, in my weakness, how about you?