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I’m participating in this beautiful curation project called Meet Me In the Middle.

Where is God in the middle of things?  That question seems to pop up alot.

Sometimes it seems like He isn’t around, that this thing we’re going through won’t ever be finished.

The scriptures say that He is faithful to complete what He begins. (Philippians 1:6)

I am not always so faithful and there are good reasons for that sometimes.

This project is a perfect example of that. I started quilting almost 20 years ago and this project was one that began shortly after the quilting bug bit.

I saw this beautiful quilt project at the quilt shop I frequented and took classes at. It was advertised as a beginner quilt. Not knowing any better and being completely smitten by the colors and design I bought in. It was a Block of the Month deal so I bought them one at a time and tried to create these blocks.

This is NOT a beginner quilt!

I had a hard time. I didn’t know what I was doing. I had no idea what Y seams were. I watched videos by the designer, they were intimidating! My attempts at making this quilt were a fail in a big way. Somewhere along the way I figured I would just use the fabrics and make different blocks with the same idea – stars. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Now, 17ish years after I bought those block kits I pulled them out. I am still smitten with the colors and design.

This year I decided that I wanted to live intentionally, including finishing old projects. So out came Moonglow and I started working on it again. Not so suprisingly, I know what Y seams are now. I know how to make templates and keep my seams the right size. Guess what? I can make those blocks now, I understand the directions and these blocks are coming together. I had to go find some complementary fabrics because I took that detour, trying to finish it in my  own strength instead of following the designer’s plan, and used the pieces that I needed in other blocks. It is costing me more than it needed to because I tried to substitute my skill level for the one that I needed to aspire to.

God doesn’t short circuit His plans. He is patient and able see the big picture over time and space. He doesn’t get surprised over a shortage of supplies because he used them up in another place. He waits until the pieces are in place and brings it all together in the right time.

I haven’t finished all the blocks yet, I am still in the middle,  but I am now confident that I can and will finish it. I will allow this project to continue to stretch my skills and my limits and one day I will enjoy the pleasure of sitting underneath it and seeing it’s beauty.

God doesn’t stop in the middle – He is content to make the middle as long as it needs to be in order to get the finished product that He is after.

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If you would like to be inspired by more of the middle I am linking up with my sweet friend Britta over at her place.