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This season of loving Lent has been pretty crazy. I’ve learned a lot.

For those of you who are new here I started a series on Lent…way back when Lent began…40 days ago. I haven’t been as consistent writing on here for the last week or two given that I’ve barely been home. Apparently dance competition season is slightly more demanding then I anticipated!

Every day I asked the question, “How can I love you today Lord?” And every day He has shown me something that I could do to show Him my love for Him.

It looked like this over the last few weeks:

*endless driving, sacrificing time, energy and money for my children to pursue their passions

*being brave – stepping out of my comfort zone to allow others to do something that they needed to be doing but needed ‘covering’ for

*taking up the authority I’ve been trusted with and using it even when I feel insecure and intimidated

*fighting for someone I love even though they don’t necessarily appreciate it

*just spending time – because that’s what you do when you love someone

*thinking about what He might like

*daydreaming about Him

*writing love letters

*crying on His shoulder


*doing someone else’s job, just because


*finishing the Breaking Free Bible Study

*teaching Sunday School – usually learn more than the kids do!

Giving myself over to learn how God wants to be loved has been an eye-opening experience. It hasn’t taken me around the world like this couple (pray for them, they are under some serious pressure) into an intense ministry.

It hasn’t launched itself out into a public sphere like Lisa Jo – who published her book this month – check it out HERE.

Love has been pretty quiet and regular and even a little mundane.

God has not required or demanded more of me than I could give. He hasn’t placed expectations on me that I couldn’t handle.

He’s walked me through the first stages of writing an e-book…more on that another day.

God has been a gentle lover. Scripture says that it is His kindness that leads us to repentance.

This has been true over this season.

We have been, as a family, in an intense season of pressing in and hanging on for dear life. The light we have is very small right now. Some days have felt pitch black. There have been days when I gave into anxiety (like today) and then everything spins out of control and I just spin.

Then there are the days when I lift my eyes to the hills and my heart is at rest knowing that no matter what I can or cannot see I will be okay as long as I hold His hand.

Thanks for walking through Lent with me.

The journey began back HERE.

**your turn***

What have you learned this Lenten season?