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We may or may not have survived the gauntlet that some people call the first week of school.

This morning is the first that all kids actually managed to get on a bus! Now we’ll see if they get home, too!

This morning I see sun filtering through green leaves and dirty windows. I sit in the most undone room of the house. There isn’t much pretty here in this room, but the view is nice when I look up – it might even be nicer with a clean window!

Pretty got a little attention yesterday. I went thrifting and  found a lovely piece that made that bare wall in the living room a little more livable.

Not the best picture ever, but you get the idea!

I can start to see the routines that need to emerge and have structure to prevent chaos.

I can start to see the edges of order coming through the mess of boxes and curtain rods that need to find a home.

Today I will make the lists of what things need to get done so that when I plan my pockets of time I know what needs to fill them.

My goal is to NOT overstuff those pockets as I usually do.

I want to set a steady pace that doesn’t exhaust me.

I want to breathe.

I want to find joy again.

I need to remember what it looks like to feel content and safe and to just be.

{Apparently my dog can walk through walls! I put him outside and now he’s in and I didn’t open the door! WEIRD}

I am going to use some of the tools that Carey has developed to help manage the time. Visit her brand new website and see what she has to offer. I’ve been doing Pin God 1st pretty much since she started it. Did her pocket-planner course as a guinea pig (now I actually get to use it!!) and decorated with her at Allume. Go check it out

Some things that I know make my heart sing:

-starting a project

-completing a project

-beauty in any form

-laughing with my kids

-seeing them happy and delighted {a family at the new school went out of their way to invite one of those new kids to their birthday party – happy tears of joy here!}

-hearing my kids make wise, mature decisions based on their own conversations with God {yeah, that actually happened yesterday!}

One of my favourite moments this week; sitting on my couch in a clean living room devoid of boxes and watching Say Yes to the Dress – then to make it better my friend from down the street popped her sweet self in for a few minutes! {did I mention tea, cinnamon buns and Nutella – because they were there}

I am going to go tackle a closet! What makes your heart sing? Give yourself a gift today and go do it.

My sweet niece is coming over for tea today – that makes me smile, too! 🙂


I’ve been writing every week about whitespace based on the book Finding Spiritual Whitespace by Bonnie Gray. This week’s chapter was about finding joy.

The series begins here.