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Join me for Five Minute Friday…a little ‘free-writing’ exercise and lovely community of people who write. There are editing badgers here…just writing. Our prompt today is VISIT. Links are at the bottom of this post…


I need to write about a little visit we had last night with a wonderful young couple.

They invited us over to their house.

These kids that are young enough to be ours by birth but are ours in spirit.

They met because we were obedient to God’s call on our life eight years ago.

We don’t mind taking the credit for that.

They were just what we needed last night.

Proof that there is good that we have done.

Proof that kids grow up and do okay.

Proof that you can be loved back by people you’ve invested in over time and time and time.

Yes, he cut the cake with a sword because he’s that kind of guy!

We came to their door last night weary and a little heartsick.

We left relaxed and refreshed.

Because we laughed and talked about ridiculous things.

We talked serious and deep about heart things.

We prayed a little right at the end before we walked out the door.

And it was good.

A little oasis of time out of the chaos of renovations and parenting and difficult decision making and massive amounts of dirt (I am not sure my house will ever be clean again).

Just a visit.

An invitation to come and dine with them. She was nervous about cooking for me, she did just fine.

These two are doing well, they will be fine and grow old together.

Just a visit? Perhaps not.


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