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This won’t be my ordinary review.

Finding Spiritual Whitespace – Awakening Your Soul to Rest came to me as a gift of grace in the middle of a weary battle. I didn’t know who Bonnie Gray was or what spiritual whitespace was. I don’t even read ‘teaching’ books very often because I learn through stories far better than lectures. When it appeared on the review list for June I clicked on it because I was curious.

Whitespace is a story, Bonnie’s story, of finding rest right in the middle of a tremendous storm. From the first chapter I had a hard time breathing as I read, so many of the emotions I was experiencing were similar and the truths were hitting me in deep places.

I have had to soak this book in slowly. I couldn’t bring myself to write out the prompts that are included in each chapter because my soul was laid bare on every page. I am going to go through it again now that the initial shocks have worn off and allow the healing work of the Holy Spirit to do what He wants to do with me through the wisdom laid out in these pages.

We live in a society of production and doing and I had been good at both until fatigue, life circumstances and anxiety wore me down to survival mode. Bonnie’s book was like a long hug on a cold day, reminding me that feeling and life are still in there somewhere. As she shares her own struggle and talks about the small steps toward wholeness the reader is given the opportunity to join in the journey.

If you read my previous post you will know that my husband and I are entering into a deliberate season of rest and restoration. Bonnie’s book is going to factor into that space as I incorporate some of her suggestions into my days.

If you have endured or are enduring trauma, may I suggest you pick up a copy and let the word of God and Bonnie’s story take you by the hand and walk you into a new place. A restful place where your soul can breathe.

Bonnie blogs at Faith Barista where she has created a community for Whitespace, I am sure she would be happy to have you join in.

An Invitation

I would love to have you join me on this journey. If you are interested in creating an online community here at all this crazy grace to explore whitespace and rest a little more would you do so in the comment box or my inbox. I am proposing a weekly gathering to discuss each chapter in the book so that we can encourage and hold one another accountable to finding rest.


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I received Finding Spiritual Whitespace from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. You can find it at your favourite bookseller.