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When I was at Allume we heard an amazing story about a couple who decided to do something about human trafficking. I agreed to blog about their work because the story of a little girl begging to be rescued captured my heart. I cannot imagine what I would do, what lengths I would go to to rescue my girls if they were in trouble. These little ones are someone’s daughters. This is my review of the book The Exodus Road.

No wife would imagine that she would send her husband to buy sex from young girls. But this is exactly what Laura Parker agreed to.

When the couple realized that there was a lot of talk and very little action happening to free underage girls from the sex trade in Malaysia they decided that THEY needed to do something, so they did.

The Exodus Road is a nonprofit coalition that fights modern-day slavery by fueling undercover investigation and rescue. It supports teams in several countries around the glove and provides surveillance equipment, operational funding, and investigator training and support to those active in rescue efforts. The heartbeats of The Exodus Road are collaboration and empowerment. Visit to learn more. (from the back cover of The Exodus Road)

While you may not be so inclined to send your husband into brothels or to go yourself you can help rescue victims of human trafficking by linking arms with operations such as The Exodus Road. Right now they are hosting A Season of Rescue where your funds can help sponsor investigators and rescues.

Laura and Mark found out that there were very few resources available for such search and rescue activities and that the need is GIGANTIC. The statistics on human trafficking are mind-boggling at the least and heart-breaking to the extreme.

Parents are duped, young people are kidnapped or tricked into thinking that they are going to a better life only to have what little life they have stripped from them.

The Exodus Road is rescuing someone’s daughter from a living hell. You can help. Learn more, get educated, but more than that…DO SOMETHING! You may not be able to go overseas but you can help someone who is already there, already trained. You might have $10 in your pocket that you were going to spend on coffee, junk food or a movie, why not use it to save lives instead! Go to and find out how you can contribute.

I would like to give away a copy of the book The Exodus Road, the story of Laura and Mark’s time in Malaysia and the birth of the nonprofit coalition, and a beautiful leather bracelet to one of my readers today. After you have checked out The Exodus Road website come back and leave a comment. One of you will receive this book and one will get the bracelet! Please share and spread the word!

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UPDATE: Β The winner of the book and bracelet is Mel Schroeder, thanks for all your comments and for supporting The Exodus Road!