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First Five Minute Friday of the year for me!

I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am by the online communities that I am part of. I have had the privilege of meeting many of them in real life and am honored to call them friends.

One of those communities is the Five Minute Friday crowd. Twice now I have been able to do it live at Allume! Sooooo much fun. I am always amazed how we can all take one word and it means something different to each of us.

Lisa Jo, me and the Katharine Button Beauty!!

Lisa Jo, me and the Katharine Button Beauty!!

Please check out this link {Five Minute Friday} to learn more about Lisa Jo and her vision for encouragement being a super-power.

The rules for FMF are simple:

Write for 5 minutes on the given prompt.

No over-thinking, no editing, just writing what pours out through your fingertips.

Link up at Lisa Jo’s

Go encourage the person who linked up in front of you.

Today’s prompt: ENCOURAGEMENT


One of the biggest blessings this past year has been the online communities that I’m part of. I love these women who have taken me in, prayed for me, sheltered me with their kindness, sheltered me in their actual physical homes with my whole herd of kids.

I have met women here on line that have hearts as big as Texas and then some.

They are brave women who are going the distance to bring hope and healing through their words and through their lives.

Today I would like to introduce you to two of those sweet ladies because I want to be an encouragement to them and the endeavors that they have undertaken.

#1 Carey Bailey – Cravings

This lovely woman is creative and kind and is on her way to Africa with Sole Hope to bring hope and healing to children who don’t have much. She has a heart for moms and their busy days and seeks to bring encouragement through short devotionals. She recently put those devotional words into a book and is selling it today for only .99 cents. She is doing this to raise the funds she needs to go to Africa. Would you consider encouraging her today by getting that book. Here is the link: Cravings Devotional Book. I love Carey’s monthly printables (that are free) and her little cupcake sits by my sink!!

Click on image to take you to Carey’s very encouraging website! I love it there.

#2 Delonna Gibbs – Clothed In Love

Here’s a lady with a big smile and a big heart to match. She has an Etsy shop where she sells stunning jewelry that she has made. Her proceeds go to sponsor orphans. She has a big vision for this and her love for children is breathtaking. She is having a huge sale starting Saturday at her shop, would you encourage her and an orphaned child by buying something lovely for yourself or someone else? You can get there from this link: Clothed In Love

Yeah, I know, not your typical FMF post, but these two ladies were on my heart today and I want to encourage them by pointing out the gifts that God has given them and encouraging you to support the path that they have taken.


Have a lovely day, covered in all His Crazy Grace!!