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I’m renovating! The website, the blog, the shop and I’ve very little clue as to what I’m doing. It isn’t done, it isn’t perfect but we’re moving forward anyway and you’re invited along for this crazy ride. I’ve shown pictures and video of my houses, yards and craft projects in progress, why not do the website, too. But I have a confession to make.

I stole that title. It’s Jenny Doan’s catchphrase. Jenny is the founder and star of the Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton, MO, which I visited this summer (YAY!).  Her goal is to make the process of quilt creation as easy as possible so you can get it done and feel that gooey sweetness of a completed project. I love Jenny but her catchphrase makes me a wee bit crazy. I’m a recovering perfectionist.

When I’m quilting I can live with imperfection, I whack off overhanging bits and stretch seams ever-so-slightly to make them align. I’ve learned and made up all kinds of tricks to make delightful quilts and projects and nobody seems to mind receiving my imperfect products. I’m not so good at applying this to other areas of my life.

This website is an excellent example. If I waited until it was done you’d never see another post from me again.  Feel free to poke around on the other pages. Some things are working and some things aren’t. I had to get a new theme because the old one gave up the ghost. The Divi theme is supposed to be super easy to navigate so we’ll see if that’s true for a tech-dinosaur like me! I’ve been watching tutorials and trying stuff out.  It’s not how I want it to look, not even close. 

Now, however, as I’ve been working my way through the Write Brilliant course I feel compelled to shove open the door and invite you into my renovating project despite its imperfections. If you have followed me for any length of time on Facebook or Instagram you will know my history with renovation…I am always in one somewhere or other in my house. (Currently, it’s a re-do of my daughter’s bedroom). Come on in.

Not done, not perfect, but moving forward anyway.

You’ll see the changes as I figure things out. We’ll talk about issues that are bothering us. We’ll figure out some things about our faith and how it looks every day. I’ll invite you into my creative process and attempt some video teaching of my craft projects. 

Faith, family and fabric, that’s what we’re about here.

I’d be thrilled if you’d subscribe but I don’t know if that’s actually working at the moment! You can find me on Facebook and Instagram under Lani Wiens. Pop a comment in below, hopefully, that still works, if not, let me know on the contact page. Welcome to my crazy mess.

At the top of this post is a quilt block I made after attending Jenny On the Road in Couer D’Alene with my mom last month. She encouraged us to ask, “What if I…?” and then started cutting and turning things around. I loved how she renovated that simple block into so many beautiful new patterns. The link below shows you just one of Jenny’s renos, there are many more in their youtube channel.

I’m playing alot of What If? with this website, follow along for the end results! I hope they’re spectacular.