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On October 1 the Nester’s 31 Day blogging challenge ship sailed without me.  I was so sure I had a ticket for that ship but God said, “No, not now.” For the first week that the link up was still open I wrestled with the decision I had made, knowing it was the right one but so tempted to jump in the water and swim after that ship.

Today I start my physical journey to Allume. My plane leaves before God gets up, I’m pretty sure! (just kidding, my theology is fine, I promise) so my farmer and I are heading in today for parent teacher interviews, appointments and last minute treat shopping for my roommates!

Maybe you’re standing on the dock with your bags packed wishing you had a ticket. Maybe you had a ticket but needed to pass it on to someone else. May I encourage your heart today. Even though you are looking at the back end of this particular boat moving out of the dock…it doesn’t mean you’ve missed the party!!

{I remember freaking out when we were on our cruise as I watched a ship sail out thinking it was ours and we’d missed it!}

God’s plan for you this weekend is good. He knows where you are supposed to be right now. One of my sweet friends is going through chemo this weekend instead of hanging out with us at Allume, another is going to take of her grandbabies as her daughter is going through a serious health crisis. {Pray for them would you, they are Katharine and Nancy, respectively} The rest of our group that is there are going to do our best to bring the experience to them through our words and pictures and prayers.

Rest in the truth that God knows where you are, He is at the party with you, right where you are and His plans are perfect…it says so in His word.

This month has been just this side of crazy as we’ve attended pastor’s retreats, Thanksgiving gatherings, church activities, participated in meetings, shuttled our kids around and throw in a few extra work days outside the home. I’ve hardly blogged at all and the 31 days would have been extra stress that I could not have coped with.

So, I encourage you, read the blog reports, hop on twitter to watch the feeds, pray for those who are there, pray for those who are not. Pray for families without their mommies and wives. Pray for the speakers and all those behind the scenes and enter fully into the blessing that God has for YOU right where you are!!

Trust that HE knows, because He does.

See you on the flip side of this adventure!