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It’s Friday! Time for 5 minutes of mad writing, linking up with the crew of other mad writers over at Lisa Jo’s, head over there to see what this crazy writing community is all about…

Today’s prompt: LAUNDRY


Seriously? Laundry?

Let’s be honest and upfront, this is my laundry room as of today, brace yourselves.

october 2013 053

My laundry room is often in direct correlation to my inner self.

If it is chaotic and out of order…chances are I am, too.

So do I look like this just now? On the inside, yes indeed!!

In just a few days I am heading to South Carolina to hang out with blogger friends at Allume, most of whom I’ve only met online (this awesomeness is like all the clean stuff in baskets there in the back). There’s good stuff, clean stuff, but I’m going to have to go after it.

Then there’s the dirty bits that are still needing to be washed like all the to-do lists that need to get done before I go. School assignments, women’s ministry, children’s church, appointments, parent-teacher interviews and such things. Also good stuff, but it needs to get done.

Let’s not even talk about the need for new paint (I did get my hair ‘painted’ today so at least THAT bit looks good!)

There is so much undone in my life right now though, things out of order, rather chaotic. Some clean, some not so clean and then dirty little bits that are really nasty that God is working on sweeping out of the dark recesses…like anxiety and worry and anger.

Because what you cannot see on that picture is the yucky utility sink that is never clean or the fact that the new puppies have left a little present behind that hasn’t been picked up yet.

There are always little bits that we’d rather not share but here’s the deal…

God is totally cool with our whole laundry mess. He helps us fold up all the clean stuff and put it where it belongs, glorifying Him in the process. He helps us wash up the stuff that everyone can see, those dirty clothes baskets that are obvious to everyone. AND He goes after those nasty bits of p** that are left behind by what looked so cute and cuddly but turned out to be a mess and left it’s mark on you (if you know what I mean).

He’s okay with all of it.

So this is a picture of me today in all my glory represented by my out-of-control laundry room (hopefully by tomorrow night it will be under control again!) Too bad I’m not so easily rectified!

Grace, grace, God’s grace! ¬†Grace that is greater than all my laundry room!

Ta ta for now!