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This necklace was created by Oxford Bright - you can find her on Etsy!

This necklace was created by Oxford Bright – you can find her on Etsy!

It was a dark and stormy night up in the mountains. The new year was almost upon me and I still hadn’t found my ‘one word’ for the year. There had been a few auditions but nothing was really cutting it.

The next day I decided I’d start working on my new planner while the rest of the family was out skiing (snow sports and I do not mix well – yes, I am a native Canadian – yes, I hate winter sports). WHAT??? I didn’t bring the new planner? I know I had it in my hand (it was resting comfortably on my desk at home).

So far, not so good. I did, however, have the OLD planner which I remember had a great mind-mapping tool to help you find your theme for the year, I opened it up and looked over all that I had planned for 2016, to live intentionally, to work hard, write the book, lose the weight…pretty much everything that was in my head for 2017, because…ummm…2016 was NOT a banner year.

The dark, stormy night entered my soul and I was undone. I got a call from the ski hill that there was a man down and I closed up shop, enough of this!! I would circle that drain another day.

I don’t remember exactly what the impetus was but I remember opening that planner again, allowing the weight of my failure to settle down on me. I heard the whisper. The still small voice of the Spirit saying, “Just keep going, you don’t have to anything new, you just need to continue, if you continue you will not fail.”


Carry on, to keep going, to remain in the same direction, to not stop, keep moving forward, these are the things that the word continue mean. It didn’t seem like that exciting of a word, or even that spiritual. The concept seemed plodding and dismal. Head down, one foot in front of the other.

Bonnie Gray (Spiritual Whitespace) asked what our word was and I plunked it in the comment box. “Oh, that word has such movement!” she said, “like a river flowing.” Her comment changed my perspective and then more enlightenment seemed to pour forth from unexpected sources.

My 21-day-fix work out lady, “Are you tired of quitting? Then just don’t do it. Keep going! Don’t give up.” All that means, CONTINUE.

Emily P. Freeman in her course, Create & Complete (can’t recommend it enough – it will be opening up in spring) said in the final video, which I finally got around to watching last week, “Just do the next thing in love.” CONTINUE. Don’t stop doing what God has put in your heart to do. Don’t worry about someone else’s pace, go at yours – do what you do, but keep on doing it.

Then the scriptures started flowing in and around and through my spirit. As I looked up the Greek and Hebrew the portion of scripture that my husband chose for this year contained those thoughts, remain in me, abide in me. CONTINUE. Philippians 1:6, “He who began the work in you will continue until He is finished.” (my paraphrase¬†from the NLT)

God never stops, He never gives up. He has always been and always will be and is right now, continuing to be who He is, doing the work that He began and will continue to do so! 

Just the other night someone prayed those words over me. It is safe to say that I am pretty thrilled with my word now that God has imbued it with rich meaning.

My goals for 2017 aren’t changing, I’m keeping them the same. I may have mentioned that 2016 wasn’t a banner year, because it wasn’t, and my hope is that 2017 will be different. There are HUGE transitions coming for us as a family, they already started this week with my two oldest boys moving out on their own!

God is faithful, He will continue with me and I will paddle down this river with my head high, knowing we will get there if I continue.