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I love Christmas! I love crafting! I love doing both together. I can’t help but think of long winter evenings sewing with my mom, creating something or other to go under the Christmas tree.  Over the years I have knit sweaters, sewed quilts and placemats, fabricated multi-media projects and made flower arrangements. My mom and I have whipped up any number of pairs of pajamas.

Now that I have my own kids we get do all kinds of things, too, carrying on the legacy of handmade Christmas. We have created layered jars, decorated homemade honey pots, hand-stamped wrapping paper and hand crafted cards. Christmas seems to bring out the crafty in me. You, too?

When I tried to think of just one project to share with you today, maybe write a tutorial or something…I couldn’t pick just one thing. I want to share some pictures and links that will get you motivated to start thinking crafty Christmas thoughts!

CD Project

– we did this project at our spring crafty retreat for our women’s ministry. It is so simple and so cute!

I know this one says 'summer' but imagine it with Joy or Noel or Christmas instead!

I know this one says ‘summer’ but imagine it with Joy or Noel or Christmas instead!

– get out some of your old scratched up CDs or DVDs

– trace the circles onto patterned Christmas paper and glue or modge podge on

– decorate the disc with letters (cricut cutter, stencils, cardboard scrapbooking letters) and some embellishments (buttons, flowers, glitter, ink the edges, ribbon, etc.)

– punch a hole a string a ribbon or bit of twine through and you’re done OR glue the ribbon onto the back if you wish it to hang straight like in the picture

– hang on pegs, a cute hanger like the one above or use a sturdy tree branch – get creative!

– here is a link with great pictures if you’re a more visual person: CD Christmas Craft

Cone Trees

Click on the picture to take you to the Pinterest site

These little trees can be used in so many ways.  We went a little crazy at our Christmas banquet and made tons of these, some out of vellum, some from wrapping paper and some from scrapbooking paper. We put little electric tealights under the vellum ones then set them on a charger plate with sugar in the bottom.  It made a sweet centerpiece.

These can be made in several sizes. My friend made me one that was quite large out of plain bristol board, wrapped it with fabric, trimmed it with some beautiful rick-rack and then glued it onto a wooden candle base, it was so pretty. (I have to say that in past tense because, unfortunately, it met its demise)

If you click through to the Pinterest link you’ll see that the gal who posted this used styrofoam cones which will make your trees nice and sturdy. We are cheap and so we just rolled the paper into a cone shape and taped/glued it and trimmed off the bottom. I believe my friend drew an arch and then cut it so she didn’t have to trim the bottom. She didn’t mind having hers pretty rough because she covered them with fabric. If you go with fabric use bias cut strips, they will curve better.

There are a variety of materials you can use to cover them; jute, fabric, paper – either straight or cut in various shapes (if you search cone trees in Pinterest you’ll see all kinds of neat ideas). You can have a lot of fun with these!

I hope you take some time to get creative this summer – just in time for Christmas! You can find the rest of the series by clicking on the links below!

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Katharine has written a wonderful family advent reader called Walking to Bethlehem (Amazon link) I highly recommend getting a copy. This is the first advent reader our whole family enjoyed – which is saying something…so go hop over to Just a Thought and get yourself a copy!

Tell me about your crafty inspirations or share a link in the comments…let the creativity flow and share the love!

Tomorrow, I promise, the conclusion of the story I started…and am still working on finishing.