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I have been wanting to post so many things over the last week:

– why we’re addicted to drama

– reclaiming kids (we added one in last week)

– talk a little about beauty and why it’s so hard to wrap our head around our own

– carbon monoxide poisoning

– adrenal fatigue and the wonderfulness-not of that

– feeling at home at church, finally

– etc., etc.,

So many things going on in this house and head and heart, it’s hard to keep up. Hamlet and furnaces that are condemned and work and trying to get ready to go away for a week…my head is spinning right round, baby, right round, like a record baby, right round, round, round. (80’s reference…sorry for anyone who doesn’t get that).

My red boots are whisking me out of the country for a week and I’m trying to get excited about it but the immediacy of the crazy is kind of up in my face.

Perhaps while I am on vacation I will write posts about those things up there and get them in the grace space…or maybe I’ll just read and sleep.