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When do you let go? Is eight years of dogged determination long enough. When do you move on or do you keep going over one more obstacle.

 These are questions that Kelly has pondered in her long search for her missing daughter. Will she cause more harm than good if her search proves fruitful? And are her unethical methods of obtaining information thwarting her purposes as her benefactor suggests?

 Meanwhile in a town just down the road lives a little girl with no mother. She was adopted as an infant but became an orphan once more when her adoptive parents were killed in an accident. He new dad, Jack, is also her uncle and they live quite comfortably with their Amish nanny until Nattie decides that Laura would make the perfect mother and begins her match-making efforts. As it so happens, Laura has secrets of her own.

There are plenty of mysteries in this book along with a little Amish culture that Ms. Lewis is so well known for:

 Who is Nattie’s birth mom? I won’t tell!

Will Kelly find her daughter? I won’t tell!

Will Jack find a mom for Nattie or will his long standing bachelorhood win out? I won’t tell!

What is Laura hiding? I won’t tell!


Child of Mine is an excellent read for a summer afternoon on the deck.

Child of Mine was supplied for review by Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group and is available at your favourite bookseller.