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Writing a blog post is, perhaps, the last thing I SHOULD be doing right now. The next few weeks are a veritable whirlwind of activities and large life-changing events for our family. Reading and blogging are pretty low on my priority list right now but when I was praying about doing the next thing this morning…this seemed like the thing to do. Stay consistent…continue on this book goal posting thing. So here I am.

May was pretty good for reading and I decided to take a little leap of faith and purchase 2 books on audible that I had absolutely no idea what they would be about. There was a 2 for 1 sale and I thought I would use my credit wisely.

Which brings me to Lily and the Octopus by Steven Rowley. It may be a national bestseller but I can’t say I’d recommend it, I didn’t think it was all that great. It is a dog story. A love story. A sick dog, love story. A story of grieving and letting go of a beloved pet. While I am a dog lover, this one just didn’t do anything for me. Wasted credit! 🙁

Fervent by Priscilla Shirer is a completely different story. From the acclaimed movie War Room, Priscilla hits this one out of the park.

Each chapter is taken from the perspective of, “if I was your enemy, here’s what I would do…”. Then Shirer gives the reader some ammo to combat the enemy’s designs on us through specific, intentional prayer. It is powerful and I believe, if applied, effective for bringing down the kingdom into our lives. I will have to reread it since I kind of read it in two chunks. (I lost it in between)…and apply it.

Forever Friday is maybe one of the sweetest novels I’ve ever read. The story takes us through a 60 year romance between a deceased couple that took the form of weekly postcards written from the husband to his beloved wife. A fellow who runs estate sales comes across them and is captivated by their story. Especially so, since his own marriage has failed and he can’t quite put his finger on why. As he pursues their story he sees what long term, intentional loving looks like and is encouraged. Lewis weaves a beautiful romantic tale that has lessons to teach all of us about lasting love.

Kristen Welch is a blogger and founder of The Mercy House, a ministry in Kenya that seeks to empower marginalised women and give them hope. She is also mama to a pack of three pretty normal sounding kids. She and her husband are doing their best to parent those kiddos to be givers rather than takers, to be grateful, rather than entitled. There were some great take-aways from this little book and I highly recommended to all my friends in the trenches of parenthood. You can find out more about the work of Mercy House right HERE.

There are not many authors that I actually wait for the next thing they write but Patrick W. Carr is one of them. He has an amazing way with words uses them to create imagery and fantasy worlds that are captivating. My son and I quite love his work and while The Shattered Vigil is somewhat dark and apocalyptic in nature, I loved it. I listened to it on Audible. It was narrated perfectly and was definitely NOT a wasted credit. You can find out more about Patrick W. Carr and his wonderful writing on his website: CLICK HERE.

Zeal Without Burnout is a little book with a big message. Mr. Ash points out several truths about us humans that get us into trouble. This particular work points to those of us who tend to be ministry junkies with big passions that will work ourselves to death. I’ve been there and am coming out of a state of burn out even now. It would have been nice if someone had told me some of these things sooner.

I am part of a parents group at my kids’ school that is going through this book together. We all have a love/hate relationship with this teaching. Ms Scazzero has quite a story to tell and has learned some hard lessons in hard ways that each and every human needs to learn. There are eight things that all of us need to quit doing so that we can function and live the life that God created us to live (yes, there are versions of this for men, too!). It has been a hard journey thus far and will continue to be one as I appropriate these truths into my life. I highly recommend going through this in a group setting as the accountability and support have been invaluable to the process…which is far from over.

That’s it for the month of May. I am guessing June’s list is going to be pretty short but we’ll see how things go…there will be plenty of drive time available for audio books! 🙂

What are you reading, I’m open to recommendations!!