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Okay, okay… I know I’ve kept you waiting for June’s books for awhile but I’ve been a little busy!

First of all, my son got married!! I am still in a little bit of shock over that and I will post about in August…

Then my daughter graduated from high school…will post about that in August, too…

We went on a little trip to Montreal…coming in August!

AND we went to family camp where I was the children’s speaker!

We are now full into finishing the renovations to the house and getting ready to move so it could be considered a small miracle that I am posting at all, but the computer hasn’t been packed up yet so here I am. I should probably be wielding a paintbrush right now but here goes!

That Book Goal looks like this for the month of June:

(imagine a cute graphic, which I created but PicMonkey was being stubborn and I couldn’t download it!!)

I read 11 books which brings my grand total up to 48 books read! (The goal is 100 by the end of the year). For the end of June that’s only 2 off of half so I think that’s pretty good!

I am thankful for the Nuts About Books program from Graf-Martin Communications that keeps me in books in exchange for my reviews! Three books came from them in June, I already reviewed one – One Dominion in the previous post so you can click HERE, to see all about that one!

The other two are The Imperfect Disciple by Jared C. Wilson which I thoroughly enjoyed and will be reading again and Invitation (Harbingers): Cycle One by Hunt, Peretti, Myers and Gansky.

In this book, Wilson discusses discipleship in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek manner. He dismantles some preconceived notions that you might have and takes the ‘churchiness’ out of the concept and brings the gospel in.

He says what he thinks about all the programs that have been created to make us make disciples…that they’re made mostly for perfect people to create perfect people, of which none of us can actually ascribe to.  He talks a lot about the reality of the gospel and how it brings to life our faith and our disciple making. Dig into this one, you won’t be sorry!

What do you get when you take four best selling authors and throw them into one book? A really great book!!  I’ve never read anything quite like this. There are four main characters and each author tells the ongoing story with the persepective of one of those four characters. It definitely has a Peretti feel where it comes in contact with the supernatural and the forces of darkness. However, all four authors handle themselves well in this arena.

I look forward to the next one in the cycle. If you enjoy a little sci-fi/fantasy/revelation style of story, you will enjoy Invitation. I don’t want to give any of the story away but you’ve got an aethiest ex-priest professor, a tattoo artist, a jock with healing powers and a brilliant but geeky assistant to the professor. Mash those four together with some strange happenings and you’re in for quite a ride.

Next we have our Audible books:


The Magnolia Story and The Hopefuls. Two more different books you couldn’t hope to find. Both about couples and their desires but very different destinations.

The Hopefuls features a young couple in D.C. hoping to become something in the political atmosphere there. It is a story of frustration and competition and misplaced desire. While the book was an interesting look at the inner workings of American hopeful political wanna-bes, it wasn’t entirely appropriate and I was glad when it was over.

On the other side, I loved The Magnolia Story. Chip and Joanna Gaines have stolen the hearts of millions with their TV show Fixer-Upper. The narrate their own book and it is an amazing and powerful story of God’s leading in their lives. Their sincere hearts, personality and faith shine through loud and clear. I highly recommend this one!

Other Audio Books:

A Hero’s Throne and The Emerald Atlas. Both of these are books for older children but I like them, too and it’s what we listen to when we drive back and forth to school every day.


Both are fantasy. Both are part of a series which include ‘special children’.  I didn’t like a Hero’s Throne and totally enjoyed The Emerald Atlas.

Regular Paper Books and 1 Kindle Book:

Delilah’s Daughters and A Bride Sews with Love weren’t my favourite books ever. I can’t say I’d recommend them even though they are both Christian authors. Death Al Dente is another Leslie Budewitz book and the first in another amateur detective series. I enjoy Budewitz’ writing style and she usually keeps me guessing, she’s got some good plot twists going on in Jewel Bay, Montana!

My kids and my friends couldn’t figure out why I would bother reading such a book. Even after 25 years of marriage we should always be open to learning something new. My husband and I have also been privileged to counsel with pre-married couples and I thought that maybe this would be a good resource. It is! J. Parker is funny and has an open and candid style in her writing. This is particularly helpful when approaching a sensitive subject like sex. She does so with grace and enjoyed reading her book! She also has a blog that’s worth following at 

**Quick update: As I put that link into J. Parker’s blog I found out that her book has been given a new name and an update on the cover, an expanded and updated version of the one above, it now looks like this:

All of the above books are available at Amazon!