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February wasn’t quite as impressive and I didn’t make nearly as much progress as I had hoped too. I blame it on the fact that February has fewer days than any other month…and maybe that the audio book I chose is 39 freaking hours long – what was I thinking!?? (still not finished that baby)

I only got 2 books finished this month! ONLY 2, I may need to pick up the pace for March. I’m reading a LOT of books but I didn’t finish that many. The two that actually made it to the finish line were audio books, two more books in the Spice Shop series. I really loved these books and look forward to, I hope, the fourth in the series. I think that is a reasonable expectation since the first three were based on a season and there happen to be four, so one more book?

Guilty as Cinnamon by Leslie Budewitz, narrated by Dara Rosenberg

Pepper, the owner of the Seattle Spice Shop in Seattle’s popular Pike Place Market has her business hopping and has an eye to the future. She is helping out a new chef choose spices for her new cafe when that chef ends up dead. The murder weapon – ghost peppers!

Pepper can’t seem to stay away, especially when the main suspect was a man she had thought about dating! Who is responsible, she and Arf are investigating!

Dara Rosenberg doesn’t a fabulous job of bringing Budewitz’ characters to life – I can almost see Pepper in my mind as she describes her spiky hair and pink shoes. Things really heat up for the spice shop crew and pepper helps solve not one but two murders in this one!

Killing Thyme by Leslie Budewitz, narrated by Dara Rosenberg

Personnel problems plague Pepper as she seeks to find replacements for her much beloved staff as they move on to new adventures. It’s been harder than she could have imagined and then her mom shows up and has words with a new vendor to the market, only to have that vendor show up dead the next day! Of course, Pepper can’t NOT investigate when things get pretty involved with the past and things that Pepper has never known about her family’s history. The passage of time hasn’t healed all wounds. Once again Pepper helps solve old AND new cases, much to the chagrin of the local detectives!

What are you reading? I am open to suggestions.

Currently with a bookmark:

Ann Voskamp – The Broken Way

Geri Scazzarro – The Emotionally Healthy Woman

Lysa Terkheurst – Made to Crave

Peter Whyte – The Saxon Shore (audio)

Elizabeth Elliott – Secure in the Everlasting Arms (this one I read one little delectable piece at a time)

Cassandra Lee (anthology) – Impossibilities are Targets for Miracles