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We are full into harvest here on the farm. I am not anywhere close to being unpacked from the move but at least we can eat and sleep and get clean, these things are important!

Most of my ‘reading’ is happening by listening this month as I unpack, can, clean and drive (cause that’s what moms do). I’ve ‘read’ some great books on Audible and am still getting through all the review books from Graf-Martin Communications.

There are so many great writers out there and one day I hope someone will be holding MY books in their hands and writing reviews.

I am only going to write actual reviews for the books that I get from Graf-Martin, they are so kind as to send me copies from the Baker Publishing Group which houses Revell and Bethany House.

Here is the list of Audible books and others that I’ve read/listened to in August:

Persuasion by Jane Austen (Audible)

Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin (Audible) – I’m pretty sure I’ve read the paper copy of this in the past but it was worth reading again, I do like Lynn Austin!

The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland by Rebekah Crane (Audible) – this was a random pick, it was definitely a different genre than I am used to, there was far too much language in it for me but an interesting perspective on mental health in teens and the effects of trauma.

The Solitary Envoy by T. Davis Bunn and Isabella Bunn (Audible)

Falling to Pieces: A Quilt Shop Mystery Vol 1. by Vannetta Chapman (Audible)

A Perfect Square: A Quilt Shop Mystery Vol 2. by Vannetta Chapman (Audible)

Material Witness: A Quilt Shop Mystery Vol 3. by Vannetta Chapman (Audible) – these three are an interesting mix of Amish, English, quilting, faith and murder, I enjoyed them!

Audacious by Beth Moore (Audible) – I usually don’t listen to teaching books but it was read by Beth and so it felt a little more like being at a conference, I did, however, go get the paper copy so I can underline and make notes!

Whispers of Rest by Bonnie Gray – this is a 40 day devotional that I had the privilege of being on the launch team for – while I already wrote a review before I finished reading it I need to comment again on this one. I couldn’t start with the rest of the group because my book didn’t show up, I eventually borrowed one from someone and began.

I was so blessed by how the Lord set up the timing of when I read this, each day that I picked it up during this crazy transition was just what I needed for that day. These pages reminded me that my spirit can be at rest even when my body and brain are busy, busy!

I want to go through it again and interact with all the questions and activities that direct you to soul care and thoughtful meditation on God’s word and your soul. Thanks for this Bonnie! You can join the Whispers of Rest book club on facebook if you search for it by that name. Bonnie also has some lovely downloads on her website, you can click HERE to go take a look.

When Jesus Wept by Brock and Bodie Thoene (Audible)

Heart on the Line by Karen Witemeyer (Bethany House a division of Baker Publishing Group)

Grace Mallory and Amos Bledsoe are friends. Friends who have never met in real life, just over the telegraph wires.  (nothing new here!!) Grace has been hiding out in Harper’s Station, a town founded by women and occupied by women trying to figure out what the secret her father had found out was that had cost him his life.

When Amos realizes that Grace is in real danger he decides it is time to meet G for real and see if she is everything he has imagined she might be. Grace, too, is curious about A and is overwhelmed at his generous sacrifice to help her.

Amos and Grace and the occupants of Harper’s Station face the danger together and figure out the secrets that took Grace’s father from her. Heart on the Line is a fast-paced gallop of a tale set in the late 1800s.  Amos and Grace are wonderfully crafted characters and the setting of the telegraph line is fascinating. It really was the internet of today! Amos finds out there is far more to him than he thought and Grace is not disappointed to discover those qualities. I couldn’t put this one down!

The Return (this is the third installment of the series Amish Beginnings) by Suzanne Woods Fisher (Revell)

I haven’t read any Amish books for quite some time so it was nice to dive back into the lives of the Plain folk. The Return is set in a period of great unrest between the Native peoples and the settlers. It begins with a vicious Indian attack on an Amish family. The parents are killed, two of the family are taken captive and one escapes to tell the tale of the attack.

Betsy Zook is one of the people taken captive. Betsy finds herself torn between her upbringing and the feelings she’s developed for a native man who shows kindness to her. He himself is a half-breed, his mother having been captured in a similar manner. Caleb risks everything to get Betsy back to her people. Betsy herself is back but she is forever changed by her experiences, how will these changes affect her relationship with the handsome Hans?

Hans is frantic over Betsy’s disappearance and frustrated by the People’s non-violent stance and their acceptance of God’s will. He lets himself get talked into a path that he soon regrets.

Tessa Bauer loves Hans and is the complete opposite of petite, sweet Betsy Zook. Tall and outspoken Tessa wrestles with all her feelings that tumble around after Betsy’s disappearance. She should feel sorry, but with Betsy out of the way perhaps handsome Hans will take some note of her!

“Inspired by true events, this deeply layered novel gives a glimpse into the tumultuous days of pre-revolutionary Pennsylvania through the eyes of two young, determined and faith-filled women.” ~from the back of the book

Fault Lines by Thomas Locke (Revell)

This is the first in the series by the same title. I actually read Trial Run a while ago and it was interesting to read Fault Lines, it definitely helps to read a series in order!

Charlie Hazard has a unique skill set that Gabriella, an experimental psychologist, would like on her side. Gabriella has tapped into a way to move through space and time that is making people in ‘The Combine’ very nervous. She seems to be able to see what’s going to happen in advance, which makes it difficult for them to have much success in stopping her.

Reece Clawson is sent to ‘take care’ of the situation but comes against some pretty big obstacles when Charlie and Gabriella start working together. Reece isn’t used to failure and doesn’t know what she will do to keep in the good graces of the powerful people that she works for.

Fault Lines has plenty of action and more than a little bit of the thrill factor. Charlie’s skill set would definitely rival Liam Neeson in Taken! Gabriella is mysterious and beautiful and brilliant. Added to these two are a squad of interesting characters that round out Gabriella’s team of scientists and Charlie’s ‘security team’.

I’m going to need to re-read Trial Run now so that I get the sequence of events all sorted out in my mind.

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Happy reading and back to school!