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I am having contractions.

I am squeezed and tight and I can hardly breathe.

I should have known it was coming, there have been little contractions that I haven’t taken much notice of but this, this is the real deal, I can tell.

Which means only one thing.

The pain and trauma and joy of delivery are just around the corner.

I’ve not been in the habit of using pain relievers in the past and this time will be no different. I know I will get through it. The pain will be outweighed by the joy on the other side of delivery. That does not mean I am looking forward to it.

His voice, the one who started all of this, has been loud in my ear;
“You are art!” – Emily P. Freeman (A Million Little Ways)
“You are a star and stars are made to shine.” – Ann Voskamp
“Write from the truest you.” Lisa Whittle
“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” Oscar Wilde
“If we can find out who we are and not be scared of who we find, then we will truly find ourselves and can write out of that unique and distinct place.” – Sarah Markley

He has placed His holy seed in me. He is birthing something and I think it might be me.

I am in awe and wonder.
I am uncomfortable and nervous.
I wonder what I will look like when I finally meet me.
When did I see my feet last?

I am praying that I will love her, that I will quit being afraid.

But this I know.

1. When I emerge and meet myself I will bear more fully the image and stamp of the One who thought me up. He has been waiting for this moment.
2. He is more than enough for my inadequacy.
3. He is preparing me in this womb of His, on the inside of His creative self, to birth me into more of what He has designed me to be.
4. He wants me free from that which has entangled me.
5. He wants me to free others.
6. He is generous and wants me to be generous with who I am and what I have.

The process will be painful and I may just be screaming and crying through the emerging.

I am convinced, however, that it will be worth it…it always has been worth it before, this birthing of beauty.

And I am in awe of this way of crawling back inside and re-emerging as more of who I really am is as sure and steady as the dawn is coming.

And I know..
In and through and after the process of this birthing I will be held by my proud Papa and rejoiced over, whether I ‘get it’ or not.

And I will keep drawing deep breaths of Him into my lungs and breathe out grace and I will shine.

(first thots from Allume – real light living)