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Two Reviews, the Last Ones?

Writing book reviews takes up a lot of space on this blog. I am wondering if it is time to set that aside and write other things. I think it's time to turn my attention to other writing. The flow of new reading material is quite fun, always a happy mail day when the...

Little Women Review- the new one!

I have long been a fan of Louisa May Alcott's classic 'Little Women'. Pulling out the VCR and my old VHS of the original movie is an annual tradition at Christmas. I absolutely love the story of the March sisters! Click HERE to view trailer. So when Graf-Martins...

Crack it Open

Phew! There's a few cobwebs and dust around here!  I can't believe I haven't posted anything in quite so long. Yeah, there's been a lot going on and there was summer and such things. I've even considered quitting blogging altogether but then... Nope, I've got a lot to...

All the Crazy – Who am I?

I'm beginning to think that I have multiple personalities! I write. When I am in writing mode I have a hundred ideas for new stories, articles, posts, and books. Each of those ideas reaches out to a different audience. Yet, when I go to writing workshops they always...

I Love the Church and I Won’t Leave

I Love the Church and I Won’t Leave

I love the church. Period. Full stop. Has the church frustrated me? yes Has the church hurt me? yes Has the church made me want to never darken the door again? yes Does the church get it wrong? yes Is she sometimes blind, deaf and dumb? yes BUT... I love the church...

Weekend Reading {Reviews}

Yes, I still read and I will continue to share some of my reading material with you as I review them. I read some great books over the holidays! Graf-Martin Communications, a division of Bethany House Publishers keeps me supplied with excellent reading material in...


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